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2017, The Year of change. Looking back

2017, The Year of change. Looking back abloggersbeauty

2017 what a year! I wanted to look back over the past year rather than a look forward to 2018. 2018 holds a lot of uncertainty for me but that’s good. We have no idea really when this baby will arrive, we may or may not go on holiday, we are probably getting married.. there is so much up in the air that I could so easily stress about that I just want to look back and appreciate right now.

2017 – right where to do I start. I guess I want to start with one thing I did not expect. There was a hell of a lot that I didn’t expect but this one in particular, and that was being nominated for Best Beauty Newcomer Award. I managed to get right up to being a finalist and no I didn’t win but boy was I mega stoked to even get that far. That day I met some wonderful people and made some seriously good contacts.

I went to my first ever beauty show in February (Pro Beauty). I took my sister and she can chat until the cows come home and not only did it turn out to be a lovely day but again I made some seriously good contacts and managed to get a name for myself in the blogging industry.

We found out I was pregnant. Phil and I had decided to stop preventing and start trying and I was so incredibly lucky that it happened so quickly. I can’t believe that I am now 34 weeks with a massive belly waiting for our little girl. I absolute loved doing all the photoshoots and creating so many memories that I will treasure forever.

We went travelling in Italy. Wow what a holiday that was. It was so tiring as we did so much walking but we saw so much and I love the country. I cannot wait to go back and do the south coast at some point, it looks stunning.

Ticking items off my bucket list was something I seriously wanted to achieve this year and in July I did a tandem sky dive. Something I have wanted to do for so long. I sat down one night and thought just bloody book it- if you sit there and just think about it all the time you’ll never get around to it- so I did. You can read all about it here.

And finally

Phil asked me to be his wife. For someone who did not believe in marriage when we first met he has come a hell of a long way. Our wedding will not be grand with masses of people and a large party. we have decided a very very small ceremony to take place. We would rather spend £20k bringing up our children and giving them the best possible start in life and seeing the world than spending it on one day. Everyone is totally different but this is our choice.

2018 I know there are going to mega highs and mega lows and I am prepared for you, so first off let’s get this nursery sorted and this baby out!

2017, The Year of change. Looking back abloggersbeauty

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