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My Maternity Leave and Why not everyone agrees

My Maternity Leave and Why not everyone agrees

Since finding out I was pregnant I have found that everyone likes to give you their opinion especially when it comes to maternity leave. All mothers will tell you this. They will tell you of all the conflicting opinions that were shoved down their throats and all the ‘you must’ ‘s and ‘you shouldn’t’, it is a constant stream of finding your own footing, particualry when you are a first time mum. In this respect I’ve learnt to agree and then when no one is looking do whatever the hell I want anyway- obviously this doesn’t include what the doctors/ midwives tell me.

Maternity leave is a very personal thing. A time to send with your baby and watch them grow. It is different for everyone. Some take 9 months, some take a year, some only a few weeks and some never go back to work. Whatever you decide I want to tell you- that it’s ok! Sod what other people think.
This is one thing that people in my life have had a very strong opinion on.

We have decided that I will be taking 6 weeks maternity leave. Yep just 6 weeks. After reading that I can imagine a lot of you will be screaming ‘WHAT!’ at the screen. It is not that we cant afford it and yes I will have sufficient bonding time. I don’t have to justify my reasons and I had the option to take 9 months or a year or whatever I wanted and this was what we decided.

The reason I wanted to tell you this is because you have to do whats is right for you and your family and you have to disregard everyone else opinion. Stop thinking about what everyone else thinks or wants!

Whatever you choose for whatever reason, you’ll know if it needs to change when you’re doing it. Do what is best for you and your baby not what everyone thinks is best for you.

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