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5 Things Starting February

5 Things Starting February a bloggers beauty

January is a time everyone gets their act in gear… or at least tries too. It is a time of New Year Resolutions, gym memberships and promises, but realistically, we all know that after 6 weeks our motivation will dwindle and our bikini body dreams for the season fly out the window and the take-aways fly back in.
The Beginning of February see’s me heavily pregnant at 38 weeks and seriously fed up. February is going to be a time of massive change for me so I gathered if my life is changing dramatically anyway now is the time to get the rest of it in gear.

I deliberately didn’t make any promises at the beginning of January! There was no way I was ready to give up chocolate and get my arse to the gym this late in the game so with the arrival of February it is time to change my life, starting with having this baby!!! When she arrives I will be tackling 5 more things to get myself to where I want to be.

February’s 5 Things

1 Lose the baby weight. I know I am carrying a lot of extra water but I also know I can now pack away a whole box of 4 doughnuts and not feel an ounce bit sick so there will 100% be extra weight that needs to go. It is time to up the exercise anti. With a baby I am thinking actually this wont be massively hard as I plan to take her for a lot of walks when shes here. Hopefully I can get back into the pilates and do more yoga also, maybe even start the boxercise classes again!

2 Start cutting that meat out. Apparently (some theorists say) cows are the leading cause of global warming. Whether it be from methane, the water usage used to keep and feed them or even the carbon dioxide. Not only that but when a cow for example is sick all those antibiotics and chemicals end up in the flesh and fat and meaty parts which you then eat! (vom) I know there are going to be some comments about this from pure meat eaters or even vegans but I don’t want to get into that. For me a plant based lifestyle really should be the way forward. I know it is going to be hard, especially with that smell of bacon on a Sunday morning but I intended to cut down considerably on my intake as a starting point.

3 Become more organised. I think this is key with a baby too. As my maternity isn’t going to be that long it is super important that I use the time I do have, whether that be with the baby or work, as efficiently as possible. My weeks are going to be pretty stacked very quickly.

4 Cut out the fizz! I Love a cold can of Coke or Fanta but that needs to stop, it is not hydrating and obviously isn’t good for the waistline. Don’t get me wrong nights out and events are a special occasion but the everyday consumption is quite frankly disgusting. There is a video circulating on social media recently showing the effects of coke as it hits your stomach acid, it’s pretty horrendous.

5 Lastly, I think has got to be to stop stressing and being so rigid in myself. Working all week (baby aside) means evenings and weekends are spent tidying and cleaning the house etc, if I continue to do that when baby is here things are going to become very tiring very quickly on top of everything else. It may be time to hire a cleaner or nominate just 1 or 2 evenings for it. Don’t get me wrong I do not have OCD but I like a nice clean tidy house and with a baby I think that’s going to have to go out of the window just a tiny bit.

5 Things Starting February a bloggers beauty

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