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Update: 34-38 Weeks

Update: 34-38 Weeks a bloggers beauty

Something to tell you… I have been so sensitive the last few days.

There hasn’t been tears so to speak but very emotional conversations with Phil and lots of deep thinking. Life is about to change and I am freaking out.

38 Weeks- I can’t believe it is here already. I seem to start every bump update like this, but, setting yourself little mini milestones make it so so much easier to get through the last trimester.

I have had 2 growth scans the last few weeks and going for a third tomorrow. My bump appears to be massive and baby appears to be average size so I guess I am carrying a lot of water. At my 34 week appointment I was measuring 38 cm and at my 36 weeks appointment (done 35 +3 ) I was measuring 40 cm, so at this rate I am going to put a pregnant elephant to shame. But baby is healthy and happy and that’s all that matters.

I think it has got to the point now where I have hit the wall! I measured my bump this morning to find it 44cm! I am so big and so uncomfortable and the thought of potentially another 4 weeks makes me want to curl up in a ball and never wake up.

Things they tell you that don’t work or that aren’t true for everyone;

The first thing I was looking forward to from around 35 weeks was that as soon as the baby drops (moves into your pelvis) the heartburn would ease or stop altogether… they lied. Baby has engaged and is ready to go yet I still wake up between 2 and 4 everyone morning wondering if acid is going to overflow out of my mouth!¬†Omeprazol has helped so much (doctor prescribed) but there was always the odd day where nothing would help and that is no different now than it was at 20 weeks. Bleugh!

Lightening will help you breathe better. Lightening is another way of saying the baby has engaged really. Lie lie lie! The constant kicks are still compressing my lungs and the pregnancy blocked nose so many of us suffer with means mouth breathing is still essential. My lips are so dried out and I never ever ever have to use lip balm… ever. The pain radiating from your ribs won’t ease either, she is still kicking there and I am very bruised.

The baby is bigger so you will eat a little less. Wrong! All you will do is eat and sleep and eat some more and sleep some more.

Your boobs may leak when milk comes in. Well… they can actually leak during pregnancy too. Although this is not milk it is still a really good substance to harvest. This is called Colostrum, speak to your midwife about harvesting from 36/37 weeks.

Do you have any things that you were told that never happened etc??

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Update: 34-38 Weeks a bloggers beauty

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