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Six Things I Bought When I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Six Things I Bought When I Found Out I Was Pregnant a bloggers beauty

I was nervous to tell Phil. I wondered how he would react but also quite excited, I mean we had been trying but this news was huge. How I told him would be the key to everything. It had to be perfect and a real surprise so what better time to tell him than Fathers Day.

There were so many things I knew I had to purchase when we did find out we were pregnant, but here is our first 6;

1 The first thing, quite literally, was Pregnacare! Although we had been trying I was quite shocked just how quickly it happened for us. Could this actually be happening? Surely not!

After taking myself to the doctors for a second opinion and confirming it straight away I was told to start taking them. Pregnacare is a multi vitamin which gives you everything baby needs to grow healthy in the womb.

2 Second I bought a baby grow. This is how I told Phil. The test and a grow in a box all wrapped up for Fathers Day. He was so unbelievably happy.

3 Champagne! No, this wasn’t for me. For mine and Phil’s birthday both our families came together. I had family over from Australia so what perfect opportunity to tell everyone, all be it at 8 weeks. I knew we were taking a risk but we wouldn’t have this opportunity again. So armed with a magnum Bollinger we arrived at our party with news which everyone was happy and excited to hear.

4 Until we had our 12 week scan I was a little suspicious to buy anything else but after that I was shopping in Gap and the sale section caught my eye- £2 for a baby grow- I was all over it.

Armed with my mum we purchased quite a few pieces, she was so happy and excited it being her first grandchild. When we got home I’ll be honest Phil wasn’t too happy, we had agreed no spending and here I was bags of items. Needless to say when he saw them I was swiftly forgiven.

5 The fifth item I bought was actually the Moses basket. I knew this was a little early but it was 70% off with a lovely rocking stand. It worked out better to buy it now- who knew when the opportunity would come round again at that price.

6 Muslin! This was one recommendation that was made to me and that was ‘ you can never have too many’ and trust me I haven’t scrimped !

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Six Things I Bought When I Found Out I Was Pregnant a bloggers beauty

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