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Sleepyhead Pods | Are They Worth The Hype

Sleepyhead Pods Are They Worth The Hype a bloggers beauty

Sleepyhead Pods Are They Worth The Hype a bloggers beauty

Sleepyhead Pods Are They Worth The Hype a bloggers beauty

I want to start off by saying something outright…. I hate Moses baskets! They are big, bulky, ugly …. there is not one thing about them I like!

However don’t judge me just yet!

I wanted to find an alternative to lugging a Moses basket about the house that didn’t include having a swing crib by the bed and Moses basket downstairs. I wanted portable… I wanted something easy… I wanted something almost necessary!

I have a Moses basket for night-time sleeping. In my opinion it is one of the best places she can be during her more lengthy sleeps. However, days are different.

That is where the Sleepyhead comes into play.

The Sleepyhead is Multi-function pod that can be used for Co-sleeping, Cribb transitioning, bed transitioning, around the house, changing, bonding, resting and tummy time. All materials are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic.

The Sleepyhead is perfect for supervised napping! It saves me dragging the Moses basket from room to room and up and down the stairs. It really is super lightweight and very durable. These two points are really important too me as if you have baby in one hand you either have to put baby down (on their own) to go and get the Moses basket or try to juggle the two without dropping either. With the pod the carry handles on the sides make it really easy. (You can also buy toys that attach to these also.)

So what about the cost? The pod retails at £130 or €150. It seems pretty steep for a glorified mini crib. If you look at the CleverMama Mum2Me Pod as a comparison- it retails for £90 but is not suitable for co sleeping and is definitely not as versatile.
For £130 it IS a little steep but I think it will be £130 well spent. We have used it every day for daytime napping and it has been sooo much easier. You can even use it as a travel cot too. It is perfect for using it to take to Nanny’s house for naps or overnight stays. Travel cots can be so big and bulky.

This one is the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Pod 0-8Months. They come in loads of different pattens and offer covers for you to change them too.

Would I recommend the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Pod ? Yes I would! You can keep up to date with me being a mum here.

You can get your Sleepyhead here.


Sleepyhead Pods Are They Worth The Hype a bloggers beauty

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