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Pamper time with The Natural Spa Factory

Finding time to relax and take some me time back is just not happening at the moment. I long for the monthly spa days and the bi-weekly nail appointments. However, I still wouldn’t change what I have instead.

Natural Spa Factory have been so supportive and lovely throughout my pregnancy and when they heard about this they sent me over some products to help have that spa time at home. So with Evelyn down for the night the relaxing begins.

The Natural Spa Factory a bloggers beauty

The Natural Spa Factory a bloggers beauty

The Natural Spa Factory a bloggers beauty

I think it is so important to make time for yourself and you and your partner after having a baby. That in mind, the Rosehip Oil was for me and a Massage candle with Fig for Phil.

Natural Spa Factory have a 100% natural Rosehip Oil that is completely unrefined. The oil is a great source of vitamins e, c, d, f, and b-carotene and a host of fatty acids. Apparently the result is an even, balanced and dewy skin tone. Now if you have had pregnancy stretch marks and want to help them fade then this product promises to help. Rosehip contains Anti-inflammatory properties that a good for soothing and healing skin which, in turn, help with the healing process.

Now I am not going to say go buy this it really works because as you all know I gave birth 3 weeks ago. I have been using it for around 10 days now and have not noticed much of a difference but that it because it is extremely early days.

That being said I smell great and the elasticity in my skin seems to be slowly returning so it must be doing something right?

This product definitely has a thumbs up from me.

So whilst rubbing this oil across by belly and thighs we lit the massage candle. After 10 minutes the wax melts and the liquid can be used as a massage oil.

So the candle is a combination of soybean oil, coconut oil and beeswax beautifully scented with the freshness of figs. The warm wax helps relax tightened muscles and the ingredients help to nourish the skin.

The smell is so relaxing it is so nice! I literally love it. Im kinda bummed it isn’t a normal candle… I’d burn that every day!

After an hour or so… of course Evelyn wakes up. However, taking that hour out makes us feel like we have slept for a few hours and trust me right now that feels so so amazing!

A massive massive thank you to The Natural Spa Factory! If you want to buy the Massage Fig Candle click here and for the Rosehip Oil click here.


The Natural Spa Factory a bloggers beauty

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