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Motherhood | The first chapters of life

Motherhood The first chapters of life a bloggers beauty

Motherhood. No one can prepare you for it. No matter how many websites you read or how much advice you are given you can only be told about experience. Each baby is unique and only the minority are text book babies.

I remember being told that having a ‘good baby’ is sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. After ample research it turns out babies shouldn’t sleep through the night and if they do you are most likely over feeding them.

Babies should wake every 2-5 hours depending on age! Hello sleep deprivation.

As Evelyn is only 3 weeks she isn’t at that glorious 5 hour mark, however, she will wake roughly every 3-3.5 hours for a 10-15 minute feed then settle back down quite quickly. At around 5 am she is fully up though.

I am getting used to the sleep deprivation and I have found the worse thing you can do is have a lay in if you get the chance. It feels like your body resets back to square one and you have to train it to deal with little sleep again.

Apparently in the first 3 years of a babies life you miss out of 6 months worth of sleep- I can totally understand this.

As much as it would be easier to put her on formula and get an extra hour (making it 4 hours) in between feeds, I’d feel incredibly selfish. Again, apparently, breast fed babies grow up with far less coughs and colds so I will try and feed as long as possible.

Motherhood The first chapters of life a bloggers beauty

I am normally one to be on time for everything, I hate being late, but feeding does take up a lot of time and you have to kind of feed on demand. So just as you are ready to go out the door, BAM!, another scream and you’ve got to sit down to feed and most likely be at least 15 minutes late!

I am trying to do more things whilst she sleeps though so I can be as ready to go as I can be, or, the house is as tidy as it can be. They say sleep whilst your baby sleeps- I have found I can’t do that- how can you ever get anything done otherwise? Grows don’t wash themselves and the hoover doesn’t climb out the cupboard for you.

I guess it may be different for mums that take 9 months maternity? Still, with just over 2 weeks left of mine I need all the help I can get.

Phil has been amazing. He is a great dad and as soon as he is home from work he wants to help (thank god). He doesn’t mind changing nappies… burping… playing… or even putting the hoover round for me! Phil is a god send- how did I get that lucky!

I must admit I don’t remember the last time I had a bath longer than about 15 minutes and have I done a face mask in the last 2 months?… no I haven’t.
I do miss these things but having a new born baby to love, smell and dress makes it totally worth it.

Health visitors are not as scary as you think, mine was lovely thank god! I spent ages tidying and cleaning the house and making everything spotless to find all she was interested in was baby and my mental health. Slightly bummed but at least I have a clean floor, right?

Nearly a month old and Evelyn has the strongest neck the health visitor has seen at her age.

She can nearly roll over! I am seriously going to have to start watching her more after changing time.

Evelyn is 54cm long and her feet are at the ends of all your grows already, although, her skinny little legs do not fill them out yet! She is going to be tall and skinny and an absolute stunner!

Motherhood The first chapters of life a bloggers beauty

So yes the first few weeks of motherhood have been an experience no one can prep you for. You are learning, your baby is learning and things are going to be tiring and frustrating.

Like crying over the ounce of milk you just spilt or the popper you cant get done up on the grow!

But don’t worry, you’re doing an amazing job!

Keep up to date with Evelyn and me here.

Motherhood The first chapters of life a bloggers beauty


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