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Relieving the sleep deprivation with Sensse Eye Massager

My eyes, my poor poor eyes. So tired, yet, I am determined to not look it.

No I haven’t been lathering products onto my face hoping to look ten years younger having just had ten hours sleep. I have been using the Sensse Eye Massager.

4 years ago I paid a few thousand pounds for laser eye surgery. It was the best money I had ever spent. That day I vowed to look after my eyes with everything I have. I never ever go to bed with eye makeup on, I throw away makeup after eye infections or sty’s etc and the cucumber is always a must.

Your eyes are not (currently) replaceable and they are the only ones you have! People take them for granted every single day and the thought of ever being blind gives me the panics!

So TLC is a must!

Sensse have an Eye Massager that I have been eyeing up (pun completely intended) !

I have used Sensse products before (blog post here) and my mind wasn’t blown but I was open and ready to try again with another item.

Sensse Eye massager review a bloggers beauty

Sensse Eye massager review a bloggers beauty

Sensse Eye massager review a bloggers beauty

You gotta hand it to the brand- the packaging is always so plush and elegant. Ten outta ten right there! Although you do have to wrestle to get the items out each time- at least they’re not rattling about though right?

Firstly before you buy yours- buy a pack of AAA batteries. The massager doesn’t come with any and requires one! My first downfall.

However, after a quick trip to the shops we were rolling.

The massager has two settings;

Cleansing Mode

Cleansing mode is activated by pushing the switch up. This will turn the light blue. The massager will not start to work until it has made contact with the skin! This targets acne-causing bacteria.

Moisturising Mode

Moisturising mode is activated by pushing the switch down and this will turn on the red light. This mode helps with absorption of your chose moisturise and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Using it really is simple, basically, apply eye cream, any eye cream, it doesn’t matter which. Turn on the blue light which is the cleansing mode to remove impurities then switch to the red light, which is the moisturising mode, to improve the absorption of the eye cream!

Sesse advises using it 2 to 3 times a week for around 3 minutes on each mode per eye. So it really doesn’t take that long.

I have been using it for around a week now and so far I haven’t seen much difference but this is a long term treatment which I am prepared to continue to use. I will update this blog post in a month or two with my findings.

If anything it is making me use my eye cream (which is seriously needed) at least 3 times a week but also the massager feels really nice on my skin. Don’t press too hard though it really isn’t necessary!

You can purchase this cheeky number here and right now it has £10 off!!


Sensse Eye massager review a bloggers beauty

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