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When I was pregnant I loved a bath. It helped backache, swelling, relaxing… just about everything. Bath time was a time I could rub my bump and talk to her and it was a time that baby used to kick like mad and toss and turn.

Who doesn’t like a bath right?

When I was younger I (somehow) absolutely hated them but If I do not have a couple a week now, I feel so stressed.

Weird I know but it is that ‘me time’ that no one can ruin. I need that half hour of zoning out, candles, reading a book, totally submerged In another world albeit a bit warmer.

After Evelyn’s first bath experience we knew she was going to take after her mummy.

Cheeky Rascals Soft Touch Baby Bath Support review a bloggers beauty

Cheeky Rascals Soft Touch Baby Bath Support review a bloggers beauty

The Cheeky Rascals Soft Touch Baby Bath Support made the experience so easy and tear free.

We didn’t bother buying a baby bath but did invest in a thermometer. Baths for babies should be no more than 2cm deep, no longer than 5-10 minutes and of a temperature of 37c.

Armed with the support and the thermometer we were totally ready for what was about to happen.

It couldn’t have gone any better.

The bath support has 2 suction pads on the base so this bad boy is going no where! The bath support back and base contains lots of small holes which allow the water to flow through easily making sure that water isn’t cooling and pooling around her bum making her cold.

On the front there is a small line. It is a fill line which is actually extremely useful. The bath is curved too so baby cannot roll out of it either.

They really have thought of everything- I’m not even finished yet (seriously).

The material it is made from is hygienic and mould resistant (FTW!). Removing the bath is super easy too, there is two little pull tabs around the suction pads that release the suction.

There is nothing to dislike about the support. Kinda wishing they did an adult version haha!

No seriously !

As far as bath supports go, it is a reasonable £19.99 and is new on the market.

Evelyn loves laying in it in the bath and after a couple of uses I am beginning to tell absolutely everyone about it! The support is for babies from 0-6 months which means you’re going to get your monies worth from it definitely.

Please remember you still MUST supervise babies in the bath every single time!

You can buy this wonderful support on the Cheeky Rascals website.


Cheeky Rascals Soft Touch Baby Bath Support review a bloggers beauty

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  1. 23/03/2018 / 3:49 pm

    Thanks for such a lovely review of our Bath Support Elle, we’re so pleased to hear how easy it makes bath time with little Evelyn. Katia @ Cheeky Rascals xx

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