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Keeping Evelyn Warm Part 2 | ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle + Sleep Bag

I wanted to do another review of another swaddle I have been using.

Why? Because, after discovering this one I couldn’t not! I didn’t want do a comparison post because they are both right up there for me.

Say hello to the ErgoPouch ergoCocoon Winter Swaddle & Sleep Bag.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle review a bloggers beauty

This swaddle is a 2.5 tog and perfect for the cold weather. The one thing I loved about on this one is that the arms have poppers. This enables you to have babies arms in or out. We opted for out as Evelyn sleeps with her arms above her head, however, this differs from baby to baby and it is so nice you get that option.

The Sleeping bag is made from an Organic Cotton jersey outer layer and is filled with 100% organic cotton for warmth.

We dressed Evelyn in a vest and sleep suit before placing her in the swaddle. I have taken this from the ergoPouch website to show how to dress your baby In accordance with the temperature.

ergo pouch temperature

The sleep suit feels lovely to touch so you know baby is going to be super comfy and warm.

It also has a two way zip which makes it so easy for changing. Evelyn doesn’t like bum change time, undoing a sleep suit or taking of clothing etc makes her cold and the tears start. However, with this you can just take out here bottom half leaving her totally submerged in cosiness from the waist up and she is so content!

At a cost fo £39.99 it is a little steep, however, that being said the quality is amazing and the warmth has been perfect for her as a new born. The swaddle is for 0-3 months at 60cm long or alternatively you can get 3-12 months which is 80cm long.

You can buy it here.


ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle review a bloggers beauty

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