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Breastfeeding with Mama Designs MamaScarf

Breastfeeding with Mama Designs MamaScarf A bloggers beauty

It comes that dreaded time in so many new mums lives when we have to take our precious little bundle out and we have to feed in public. Im not talking bottle feeding im talking full on boob out malarkey.

I am that person.

I am the one that all the older generations frown at when I whip out my bulbous boob and a screaming new born.

Since 2010 it has been the law that no one is allowed to ask you to stop feeding in a public place. It is actually a criminal offence… still it doesn’t stop people making you feel proper shit about what you are doing.

The first time I took Evelyn out I was super nervous. I asked if it was ok to discreetly feed before I bought a tea and with a very positive yes I sat down to nurse in an overcrowded café.

Was I being Judged? Probably. Did people notice? Oh yes. Did anyone say anything? No thankfully.

I made sure I wore a baggy top and my nursing bras to make it easy as possible and I also packed the Mama Scarf. It is a breastfeeding scarf that allows me to see Evelyn whilst I am feeding yet aims to cover up everything including my post pregnancy tum (which is almost back to normal already FTW)!

Breastfeeding with Mama Designs MamaScarf A bloggers beauty

The Mama Scarf is soft, light weight and fits into your pocket super easily. It is made from 100% cotton and supposedly one size fits all.

I opened up the scarf, tied it around my neck so the scarf itself draped in front of me. Evelyn then slides into the baggy front like cradle ready to me to ‘whip it out’ so to speak.

Only… I didn’t find it that easy. Don’t get me wrong with practise I think it could be a good idea. But… Evelyn got too hot in it, she hated being covered up whilst feeding and my belly was definitely out on display. Needless to say it wasn’t a glamourous experience.

I thought if the scarf was a little bigger then it may be easier. Then, Evelyn weighed just 7lb 8oz so she was not a big new born.

All this being said I persevered and tried again once I felt a little more comfortable feeding in public.

So after another week I headed back to that same cafe that I knew would accommodate me. Armed with the mamascarf I was determined to try and make it work. If it was a product that did what it said then it would be a life saver.

So after speaking to Mama Designs and checking some videos on how to wear it, it turns out you need to put your arm through the gap to better support baby. So I tried it this way- the correct way! Needless to say it was so much easier.

Breastfeeding with Mama Designs MamaScarf A bloggers beauty

I still don’t think it entirely covered all of me but only by a tiny bit and with a bit of tweaking I guess I could probably sort that. I also was wearing a standard t shirt (not a feeding one) where I had to totally lift it up to get my boob out.

Evelyn still doesn’t hugely like being covered up whilst she feeds but she is getting used to it.

I do think the scarf is an ingenious idea and is going to help so many other mums out there. I now pack it everywhere I go.

Would I recommend this product… yes I would but make sure you watch this youtube video first in order to put it on right for it to work properly.

If you want to try the scarf you can buy it here.

Read more about my trips with Evelyn here.


Breastfeeding with Mama Designs MamaScarf A bloggers beauty

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