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April to do list a bloggers beauty

April is here tomorrow… like APRIL(!) seriously April! I don’t know where the first 3 months of this year have gone. I remember January 1st and I was sure I was going to give birth that month and I wishes the weeks away until Evelyn’s birth, and then just like that, it happened and she is 6 weeks old! ┬áLike WHAT THE HELL!

My life is running away with me and things are not getting done that I want or need to, so here is April’s to do list;


I feel like I have neglected my book club recently. I have kept up to date with all the books etc except this last one. This month I gave us 2 months to read the most recent book and I am going to be honest… I haven’t even opened the cover.

Promise it’ll be read by the 25th like always. But this is definitely high on my personal priorities.

The Nursery Routine

Yep, Evelyn starts nursery next week ( insert sad eyes) and getting into a routine with going back to work and nursery and the various other people that will be looking after her will be… well, interesting.

I am only just about getting used to bed time routine let alone another new one. Still at least this one will be permanent and life as it will be for a long time will begin.

Phil’s already talking of another child but there is no way that is going to be happening for a few years. I am sure if men had to give birth there human population would significantly decrease right?! (This is defo not only to do list lol).


I need to spice things up a bit I feel like my writing recently hasn’t come from the heart but the head. My passion has been dwindling, although… maybe it’s just me being over tired.

I need more chat posts I think. Actually poor my heart back into writing again.

Stop Procrastinating

A lot of the time I procrastinate simply because I literally cannot be bothered or I get distracted from blogging. However, a lot of the time when I force myself to write I really get into it and it turns into a great piece. I need to try and do that more when I feel myself procrastinating – worst case I can delete it and It’s just practise.

Ok so this has turned into more of a mini months resolution but they are things I must do for sure. I think it is good to have goals and aims throughout the year otherwise you get to the end fo the year and find you haven’t done anything you wanted to!

April to do list a bloggers beauty

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