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From the very start of my pregnancy I was on the hunt for a wrap or carrier to hold my baby in when she arrived. A lot of people have an opinion against them but as long as you are careful I think they are a great idea. One that particularly stood out is The Izmi Wrap.

A lot of carriers etc you cannot use for newborns so firstly that was key in our hunt. Next it had to be soft. If the carrier or wrap was going to hold my baby to me she would have to be snuggled in and comfy. And of course… safety. The wrap/ carrier would need to be strong and sturdy and make me feel like she wasn’t going to fall through the bottom.

The Izmi Wrap review a bloggers beauty

The Izmi wrap ticked all these boxes.

It is so soft for starters, so soft! It is made from a two way stretch cotton, which makes it so much easier to get Evelyn in and out of it.
Some carriers are just so rigid and as soon Evelyn drawers her legs up it makes it so hard to get her inside, however, this wrap makes it so much easier.

The way in which you tie the wrap is very important. In the box you’ll find instructions in many different languages along with a step by step picture guide. By following these steps baby will be safe and the weight of the baby is distributes evenly across your back. Ergonomic and supportive wraps are so important if you’re looking for one!

Lastly the wrap is machine washable (FTW!). This was also very important for me as we all know how often babies chuck up!

One thing I did notice when initially using the wrap is that you need to make sure it is tight to your body to enable your baby to be fully supported, so like a shoe lace, make sure each section is tight before moving onto the next.

You can purchase the Izmi Wrap here.


The Izmi Wrap Abloggersbeauty

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