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Everyone is saying you have to find your self again

The size 10 jeans are still a little too snug for my post baby back side and the pregnancy clothes are too baggy and so I am stuck on this in-between, needing a new wardrobe…. temporarily.

I think being stuck on this in-between is not only being seen in my wardrobe but my life right now also.

I mean, learning how to look after your new born and then the sleep deprivation on top, yet, still trying to be you and live your life… it is hard. No one prepares you for that.

There are days where my makeup table doesn’t get a look in and I don’t remember the last time I painted my nails which is so unlike me. BUT I have this happy bundle of gorgeousness that is my daughter and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

There are days that I feel like being a mum is a better version of myself. So what if the nails aren’t painted… they’d only chip within a few hours anyway I guess.

I have no idea when I last had a hot cup of tea, they seamed to be gulped down tepid in between bum changes and tidying.

Constantly reminding myself that it is ok the house is slightly messy and my roots are about 4″ long, I am no longer the priority in my life and it’s ok. That time will come again and I’ll miss these times.

Find the time to blog has been a lot harder, being up at 4am for 2 hours may sound like an opportunity but in fact you are more concerned with if you stop the rocking whether you’ll wake the baby. Before and during pregnancy I could sit for hours and hours and write, it became me very quickly and consumed my life but somehow they started to make it a chore.
Blogging now it different. I write to help others and tell others about great opportunities or even just about what is happening in my life right now. I don’t blog for the followers I blog for me.

And that’s the best kind!

Not being perfect is ok and not being who you used to be is also very ok.

Maybe not being yourself is the adventure and you end up finding a better you! So I may have lost myself a little but there is no way I need to find myself again…I’ll always be me just better versions… This is Elle 2.0!

Everyone is saying you have to find your self again a bloggers beauty

Everyone is saying you have to find your self again a bloggers beauty


  1. Soffy S
    10/04/2018 / 9:40 am

    I absolutely hate comments from people that I am not myself anymore since becoming a mum. I absolutely agree with you that I am now a much better version of myself! Change can be for the good too. Thanks for writing this, it’ll help other mums feel good xx

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

    • ABloggersBeauty
      10/04/2018 / 10:44 am

      You’re very welcome! People that don’t change when they have a baby maybe are the ones that need to most.

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