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Emma Bridgewater| Booths New Skincare Range

Emma Bridgewater review booths skin care abloggersbeauty

Emma Bridgewater review booths skin care abloggersbeauty

So as you all know I have been trialing a selection of items from Booths new skincare range. They have a new range which quite frankly is a great selection. If you saw my last post about Booths skincare you’ll know that I was over the moon that they have Balance Me in their range.

Included in their range is Emma Bridgewater’s Skincare selection. I thought Emma Bridgewater was all mugs and plates but apparently not, although their mugs are so pretty!

I feel like a lot of companies that do not devote themselves to beauty/ cosmetics ranges tend to do it half heartedly and don’t always get it right. it is almost like they do it for the sake of doing it and the quality is just really poor.

Like clothes ranges doing makeup or a company known for mugs doing skincare? Surely you all think that too right?

So if I am honest my expectations for these products weren’t that high.

The Hand & Body lotion and the Hand Wash were two items that went straight in my bathroom for general household consumption (what can I say we were running low) and I asked everyone to let me know what they thought. We would all be using it so it made sense to not just use my opinion.

We all came back with the hand wash smelt great and obviously cleaned your hands and the hand lotion also smelt great and moisturised your hands, however, we all felt it was quite a thin formula to what we are used to so you didn’t have to use much but you had to use it more regularly.

The Hand cream was the same although it appeared a tiny bit thicker I just wasn’t a fan of it as it felt like it sat on the skin more rather than being absorbed.

The travel kit and soap will be coming with me when we go on holiday I so I will update my review with the outcome of those ones.

On the whole Emma Bridgewater hasn’t done too badly. They’re products are ok but could be better, however, their mugs are amazing haha.

Booths have really chosen a great selection to add to their range and I am glad Emma Bridgewater is included. Being well known for other things will really help them to hopefully succeed with this line too.

Booths new collection of skincare holds an absolutely amazing selection and they also have an amazing gift range too! This is one company that has fallen under the radar for too long and will clearly soon be at the forefront of the industry!

Head over to their website today www.booths.co.uk.


Emma Bridgewater review booths skin care abloggersbeauty

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