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Finding the Right Face | Wunder2


Wunder2 review abloggersbeauty

Wunder2 review abloggersbeauty

Wunder2 review abloggersbeauty

Wunder2 review abloggersbeauty

I love trialing out new makeup from brands I have not used before. I must admit I had heard of Wunder2 from all the Facebook brow advertising. The Wunderbrow I think everyone has seen an advert for, I certainly seen it once every few days for the past year or so!

Having tried a lot of brow products (you all know my love/hate relationship with brow products) it was not surprising that I was a little apprehensive to try this one. I thought I would give Wunder2 a good go, not just with brow products, but with a full array of makeup products.

I must admit I did choose the Caviar Illuminator because it looked pretty and that alone (haha) but who doesn’t order off cuff like this?

The Wunder2 website has me wanting pretty much all their makeup as soon as i searched for me, it is so vibrant and definitely not good for my bank balance!

I had heard that Wunder2 have recently released a 24 hour waterproof long wearing foundation so obviously I had to try it out. The tiniest amount of this foundation goes a really long way so you don’t have to use much at all. Note this is a buildable foundation so one layer of it wont give you total coverage and because of this I used a makeup sponge to apply which gave me a better base to work with.

I found that by letting a layer dry and re-applying another layer after it covered very well. You can apply as much as you want but it will not give a thick ‘cakey’ effect if that is what you are after. I wouldn’t say it is on par with the likes of Bobbi Brown or Mac but 100% gives Rimmel, Maybelline and other high street brands a good run for their money.

To compliment this was a powder of some sort so I have been using the Caviar Illuminator and the HD photo finishing powder. I am not one for just a powder foundation… I don’t think the coverage is that great unless you have doll-like skin, I am yet to meet someone who literally has no pores, blemishes, sheer perfection skin! The Illuminator is simply stunning. I chose the Coral shade as I need a bit of pinkness in my cheeks but they also have a pearl and a sand shade too. Firstly I want to say it is NOT glittery! Thank god! So many of them are! It adds a lovely pearlescent (almost) tone to your face and one I have completely fallen in love with.

I kind of want to get the other shades too just to see if they are as wowing!

The Photo HD finishing powder was the powder I have been using. I am always a little apprehensive when I see a brilliant white powder. I feel like I am going to end up looking like a Mime. Don’t worry… I didn’t. if you buff the powder into the skin with a puff brush it give that amazing poreless look. It works really well with the 24 hour foundation to give a really amazing finish. I can’t recommend this powder enough.

The Wunder Brow and Wunder Cleanse are two products that come hand in hand. The Cleanser is the only way to remove the Brow product totally so remember to buy both when you order. The Cleanser is a Gel Remover. It is an oil-based cleanser that removes all traces of product very gently but very thoroughly meaning that if you have chosen the wrong shade don’t freak out…w e can sort it.
The Wunder brow I ordered in Blonde of course. It promises to ‘Define, fill and thicken for a more natural brow look that is completely waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and lasts up to 3 days’. I think this one is the tiniest bit dark for me but I think I can just about get away with it. It does exactly what it says on the tin and is completely smudge proof. That being said when you apply it you have to be super careful not to get it anywhere but your brows or you’ll need the cleanser to get it off!

Having used all the Wunder2 products I am pleasantly surprised and have actually changed my everyday routine to incorporate some of the products. I don’t think the Wunder brow will feature in my makeup bag every day just because firstly its a 3 day product but also because I am lazy and it is extra hassle and time when I have a baby to sort. But the foundation and powders are sitting on my makeup table and my face as we speak!

Overall I highly recommend giving the brand a go!

To order their products head over to their website. 


Wunder2 review abloggersbeauty

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