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Getting Married | Why we are not pulling out all the stops

Getting Married | Why we are not pulling out all the stops abloggersbeauty

People judge everything you do in life, whether it be friends, family, that nosey person online…. they all have an opinion. What you wear… what you say… the things you do… people will either agree or disagree but there’s always those few that have the snide remarks or make a point of pointing things out.

Quite frankly- It irritates me…. no maybe irritates is the wrong word- it makes me feel like not giving a sh*t! I couldn’t care less about their opinion.

That is why I am taking pretty much none of their comments into consideration when planning our wedding.

I think most weddings aren’t for the bride and groom they’re for everyone else. The bride and groom spend all day talking and catching up with people and often don’t enjoy it as much as they should having just spent £10-£20k!

I don’t want this.

All I want is my closet family witnessing our marriage then maybe a dinner and drinks. Why does it have to be this flamboyant day?

The cost of a wedding these days is the same as a deposit on a house and id rather invest my money into that instead of a party.

Everyone is different and people are going to judge me for this but IDGAF!

It becomes this competition of who can have the biggest event or the most fun or the most money spent.. to me I just can’t quite understand it!

Our wedding is going to be perfect… for us. No BS wedding favours, no fancy chair covers… just us doing something for us and no one else.

I am not saying those little touches aren’t nice…they’re just not…well….us!

Some people live their life trying to make themselves a bride or trying to make themselves a groom but ultimately it doesn’t always make them happy. Just because you found ‘the one’ doesn’t mean you HAVE to marry them. Phil has known my opinion on it from day one, and I his, and he has his own opinion. That aside, yes we are getting married, but in the way we want too.

I am lucky that I found someone who I could quite happily spend the rest of their life with me married or not. It’ll be nice to be a Mrs and not look like I’m still ‘stuck on the shelf’ when I am aged 50 but this social expectation of marriage needs to be broken and if I can show my children that you can have whatever wedding you wish small or big or not even at all I’ll be happy. Ultimately that is all it is about…happiness.

Getting Married | Why we are not pulling out all the stops abloggersbeauty

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