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Soothing Skin with Childs Farm |Booths New Skincare Range

Everyone is slowly beginning to hear of Childs Farm. They hit the deck last year with their ‘miracle’ baby moisturiser which claimed to be great for sensitive eczema prone skin. Booths have a new skincare range out and have decided to include Childs Farm in it (YAY).

I am no expert on eczema. My step son has suffered with it pretty much all his life, we have him every other weekend so it is notes who primarily has to deal with it but we’ve had to do our fair share. The nights we’ve been up hours because he is so itchy or has itched until he has bled have been quite a few, however, as he gets older that is getting less and less.

It seems the more dairy he has the worse it is. That being said essentially the creams are the key element that help him most.

Last year his Nanny found a cream that claimed to be amazing for eczema and soon after his mum too. It was Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser. Now it is worth noting when his skin gets really bad it is only steroid cream that’ll help so it depends how bad your skin is as to how much this will help.

Soothing Skin with Childs Farm |Booths New Skincare Range abloggersbeauty

Soothing Skin with Childs Farm |Booths New Skincare Range abloggersbeauty

The moisturiser leaves his skin so so very soft and non scaley! Which is a big plus for him.
Since giving birth my skin on my hands has been quite dry, nothing too bad but it does mean I have had to start using a moisturiser and this one really really helps. I only use it once every few days and that is all that is needed.

Due to the popularity Childs Farm have introduced a new bigger 500ml bottle!! WIN!! It lasts so much longer!

Having realised (many years ago) that Thomas couldn’t use bath products or most shower gels it proved really hard to wash and clean him without irritating his skin.
We thought that is Childs Farm cream helped then lets try the shower gel combined hair shampoo. It was great, it smelt very odd- kind of fruity – but it worked. It washed his hair well and skin without giving any kind of dryness.

Having heard of my love of these two products and Booths now including them in their skincare range (they know a good thing when they see it) they sent me a selection of other bath time goodies and some SPF too!! WIN! The SPF is not only great for Thomas’ skin but also little Evelyns’ too!

However, the only thing with the Sun screen is that it only has an UVA star rating is 3. Childs Farm have addressed this though!
‘The UVA star rating system was developed by Boots, it is not an EU requirement to have a UVA star rating. The UVA star rating system is just measure the ratio of UVA protection vs. UVB protection, so if a product has a low SPF it may still have a high level of stars, not because it is providing lots of UVA protection, but because the ratio between the UVA and UVB protection is about the same.
Our UVA star rating according to the Boots system is 3 which a good level of protection and meets the EU requirements for UVA protection. As far as we know, all sunscreens that are suitable for sensitive and also eczema-prone skin have achieved a 3* rating, as it is has not been possible to achieve a 5* rating using ingredients that are suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.’

The 3 in 1 swim wash is just wonderful. Use it after coming out of the pool to get rid of all the nasty chemicals and restore skins natural balance.
The chlorine really dries out the skin and this product is like the product you never know you needed. I need this in a bigger bottle too for sure!!!

Booths new collection of skincare holds an absolutely amazing selection and they also have an amazing gift range too! This is one company that has fallen under the radar for too long and will clearly soon be at the forefront of the industry! Their choice to have Childs Farm on board is going to be a great decision for them.

Head over to their website today www.booths.co.uk.


Soothing Skin with Childs Farm |Booths New Skincare Range abloggersbeauty

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