Lee Stafford | CoCo LoCo Jet Set Kit

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Jet Set Kit abloggersbeauty

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Jet Set Kit abloggersbeauty

What is better than actually being able to fit everything you want to take with you on holiday into your suitcase? Seriously, it is the best thing isn’t it? Lee Stafford have a gorgeous travel set that is ultra compact for you to fit in for your lovely time away this summer.
The CoCo LoCo jET sET is a beautiful rose gold travel bag packed with a Lee Stafford travel dryer and a mini CoCo LoCo SHaMPOO and CoNDiTiONER inside.

The hair dryer may be a travel dryer but it really does pack a punch. Usually travel dryers tend to not be as powerful as a normal hair dryer but this one is pretty damn good. It is a 1700W with 2 speed settings and 2 heat settings. It also offers a cool shot too.

Now there is one thing that separates this dryer from the rest. Coconut oil is mixed into the ceramic coating of the grille so when it is heated the heat helps to transfer the oil onto each hair shat leaving you with super soft shiny hair. INGENIOUS!
This is literally the best invention ever, no shine product needed at all!

I am quite shocked at how much I like this hair dryer.

I thought at first just another travel dryer but with the coconut oil element and the compactness of it it really sets it apart from the rest! Plus it’s pretty!

I love Lee Stafford products and this one has to be one of my absolute faves!

You can purchase the CoCo LoCo Jet Set Kit here. Right now get £9.95 off!!!


Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Jet Set Kit abloggersbeauty

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