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There is a lot of stigma attached to using unnecessary baby products. Mums have an opinion about them all, it is quite ridiculous really.

Evelyn has begun getting a round bald patch at the back of her head, don’t worry this is quite common and can eventually lead to a bit of a flat head. That is where a ergonomic baby pillow comes in very handy.

Supporting Evelyn with Babymoov abloggersbeauty

Supporting Evelyn with Babymoov abloggersbeauty

Supporting Evelyn with Babymoov abloggersbeauty

Supporting Evelyn with Babymoov abloggersbeauty

This is the Lovenest Baby Pillow from Babymoov. Babymoov is a company actually born by three men! I know! It is not just us women that know what’s best for kids these days.
They have quite a wide range of products that will help you and your baby and this is just one of them.

The Lovenest is an ergonomic pillow that helps Evelyn from having that flat head and bald patch. Although the bald patch is there already it will stop it getting any worse and hair will eventually grow back.

The website says- “It provides a real support for baby’s head with an adapted shape to avoid flat spot on baby’s skull. Besides, it also reassures and soothes baby thanks to its “holding / cocoon” effect that makes baby feels like in mother’s womb.”

Totally win win. It is really soft and actually wish they did it in adults size it is so comfy! It comes in 4 lovely colours and it fits any cot, car seat or bouncer.

A lot of mums are anti pillows for babies which is totally understandable but this is more if a support. The elements are totally different to a pillow also- this one serves a purpose. Evelyn always favours one side of her head and this helps to comfortably support her to hold it in the middle. The stigma attached to pillows is SIDS but In my opinion that is more based on the environment rather than this particular product.

Evelyn is now 3 months and having used this product for nearly two weeks I am definitely seeing a change in her sleep for the better and also a change in the back of her head. There is definitely an improvement on her hair and shape of head without a doubt!

I really really recommend this pillow for all babies from birth!

You can buy your Lovenest here!


Supporting Evelyn with Babymoov Lovenest review abloggersbeauty

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