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First Buggy for a First Time Mum | The iCandy Peach

Icandy peach review abloggersbeauty

Icandy peach review abloggersbeauty

When having a baby I think Buggies are so hard to choose, you’ve got to get the right combo for your situation. Whether it be all-terrain, small, light weight, jogger, vintage … there are so many to choose from. Not only is it a mine field but it also almost becomes a social status. Unfortunately.

I hate that people think that the more expensive buggie they buy the better it makes them look- so over it! There is like the buggy hierarchy it’s ridiculous.

Still we chose ours because it worked out best for us.

We chose the iCandy Peach in Royal/ Chrome.

Now the one key thing that made us choose the iCandy is durability. It was so sturdy in comparison to a lot of other reputable brands. When it came down to it, I was truly shocked at the difference between this and a Silver Cross.

If you shake the buggy from side to side, for example, it doesn’t really move much.

The iCandy peach is not all terrain- there is a different iCandy peach all terrain available, however, the way the peach handles different terrains is incredible. We have taken it to the woods where it became caked in mud and also the beach, we have sucky stones on our beach and pushing the buggy through the thick stones was effort but got through it well.

We opted for the full travel system that comes with the Baby basket and also the toddler seat. BUT you don’t 100% need the baby basket as the toddler seat lays totally flat and can be used for babies according to the iCandy website. The mattress in the basket is surprisingly comfortable and soft too.

The buggy itself is quite bulky but folds down well.. With either seat the seat needs to be removed by pressing the grey outer circles on either side of the seat and then lifting. The chasis then is able to be folded. Whilst the handle is extended, press the button on the handle and at the same time push in like you are going to lower the handle and push down towards the ground. Then simply pull the basket carrier handle and voi-la.

TIP: whilst doing this place the handle on your feet to save the leather scuffing on the floor!!!

There’s also buttons on the side to tilt the seat back into 3 positions – upright, reclined and flat.

The hood is zipped on which can be a bit fiddley to change but I have found I only ever changed it once when changing the seats over.

The straps for the toddler seat drove me nuts for about 10 days. How on earth do you adjust them? Then good old YouTube stepped in and helped a girl out. On the back of the seat at the bottom there is a velcro pouch. Insert your hand up and then you’ll be able to feel for the strap holes. The rest is kind of common sense.

I think that is the only semi not so good thing about the buggy.

I think one other game change for us was the fact you only need to buy a £45 conversion kit to turn it into a double! and then obviously another seat as and when the need arises!

The specification for the pushchair is this;

  • Suitable from birth (with carrycot) or 6 months (pushchair & seat unit) up to 25kgs
  • Optional extra lie-flat carrycot for newborns, which is suitable for overnight sleeping
  • Parent and World facing
  • Lockable front wheels / Removable rear wheels
  • Smooth-rolling, puncture proof EVA tyres.
  • All round suspension for a smooth ride
  • Unique (pop-up) one hand seat and carrycot removal
  • Elevator adaptor allows seat unit to be heightened in parent and world-facing mode
  • The hood and bumper bar are interchangeable and are for use on your main carrycot.
  • 4 position adjustable handle height from 95cm _ 105cm
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • One touch buckle
  • Leatherette handle & bumper bar
  • Adjustable hood
  • Five point safety harness
  • 3 position recline
  • Freestanding chassis when folded
  • Comes complete with elevator & raincover

I love our buggy. It is in my opinion one of the best on the market right now.

You can buy yours from iCandy direct starting from £965 however places such as mothercare etc always have deals.

Icandy peach review abloggersbeauty

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