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Places I must visit in the world

Places I must visit in the world Abloggersbeauty

I really am an adventurer by heart, I love exploring and finding new places. I think if I hadn’t met some of the people I have in my life I would have been a traveller.

There are so many places that I hope to explore one day so I am sharing them with you in a hope that one day I will have my chance to see them.

This is one of the places that has been up there for a while on my list now. From the northern lights to the lagoons there is not one bit that I don’t want to see. Seeing the aurora borealis with my own eyes would be a dream come true. To experience some where that has 23 hours of daylight in summer and 23 hours of darkness in the winter truly baffles me but something I’d love to see.

There are (apparently) bad parts of Bali and good parts of Bali. The scenery is meant to be stunning and the ocean like no other. It has got tot be one of the most Instagramable places, it’s been on my list forever and I know that one day my path will definitely take me here.

A little cliche but it would be good to see whats left before it sinks. There is a travel blogger on instagram that has been here a few times and each time she uploads a picture it makes me so jealous! It’s somewhere I literally couldn’t think could exist.

The most stunning of the greek islands in my opinion. The whites and the blues are the epitome of traditional Greece and one I am so desperate to see. We almost went here last year where we were deciding where to go but instead chose touring Italy which was incredible.

St Lucia
This seems to be THE place to visit right now but it has been on my list since I was around 14 years old. The culture is something I have always wished to experience and explore. From The Pitons to the Sulphur Springs to Rodney Bay it all just seems so stunningly perfect.

Cape Town – South Africa
My great aunt and uncle lived in South Africa for a lot of their lives but the political upset turned the place bitter and hostile to live. Still if there was ever an opportunity to go I would love it. The Table Mountain just looks incredible as Hippo watching, how much of an incredible experience would hat be.

South America
From Peru to Argentina to Blovia to Brazil I want to see all of these. The salt flats, Machu Picchu or the beaches of Chile, I need to see them before I die!!!

Angkor Wat is the one place in Cambodia that I must see. The history there is incredible and one that is incomprehensible until you see it in person. There are also a million and one other things I want to see in Cambodia but if I could only ever see one Angkor Was would be it.

Where does your list take you?

Places I must visit in the world Abloggersbeauty

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