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ThermaLeaf Guest Post | Party Etiquette Essentials For Guests and Hosts

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With the party season around, whether you are a guest or a host, you are going to be in a complete swing and hustle of attending and hosting parties. No matter, whether it is about resounding big bashes or small at home get-together, the etiquettes required to be possessedremain the same. For both hosts and guests, to make a lasting impression on each other, it is importantto have some work done on manners before the party day actuallyarrives. So, if you are going to attend an upcoming event or planning to host a bash for your family and friends, here are someimportanttips that will make you understand about the essential party etiquettes.

Essential Etiquettes for Hosts

Invite Seriously with Correct Address

The invitation is the foremost step that makes your hosts realize the level of formality you expect from them. Whether you have planned to print invitation cards for the party, e-cards or keep the invitation method limited to telephone only, it is importantthat you keepthe clarity about the party and give appropriate time to your guests to plan for the party accordingly. It is also important to be specific when it comes to explaining the degree of formality you are expecting. Also, give complete details about the time and duration of the party while also specifying an address that is GPS friendly. It will make the guests easier to reach the venue.

Make Adequate Seating Arrangement

If you are planning a small party, it will not be difficultto arrange seating arrangement for the guests, but if you have plans to throw a big bash, you may find it daunting to assign seats to your guests. For making it easier, make sure to analyze the seating arrangement prior tothe party. You will surely have an idea about thenumber of arriving guests, so make sure that everyone gets comfortable and proper seating allotted.

Keep Alternative to Alcohol Available

One of the common mistakes we do is to forget about the guests that don’t intake alcohol. They won’t be having the full enjoyment of the party if you don’t have a drink to offer them. For this, make sure you to make soft drinks available so that all kinds of your guests can enjoy the party equally.

Attend Every Single Guest

 Every single guest you have invited need to be treated as specialas anyone. So, make sure to be available at the entrance before the guests actuallystart entering the venue. Thiswill give them a special feeling and also reflect your gentle behavior.

Choose Memorable Return Gifts

Return gifts can help your guests remember the evening they have spent at your bash. So, choose such a resounding and antique gift that can be a memorable item for your guests. Choosing expensive one is not importantbut making it something unique can work very well. You can chooseto gift some artwork or similar items.

Etiquettes for Guests

RSVP is Important

Whether you have been invited through email, printed invitation card or through the telephonic call, it is essential for you to RSVP soon you decide to attend the event. Thisis important because the host will need to have an idea of the number of guests to arrange food and drinks accordingly. Thisis one of the importantetiquettes that every guest needs to possess.

Bring a Gift to Your Host

Showcasing appreciation for your host is among importantguest etiquettes andthis can be doneby offering a charming gift to your host. It can be a bottle of wine, any décor product or anything of your choice. You can be more creative by bringing something that you have designed yourself. You can also choose to bring a piece of artificial plant or flower as it will help your host’s home get enhanced with natural beauty. Since artificialplants can last for yearsand also don’t demand any maintenance effort from your host, so, it can also be a good choice.

ThermaLeaf fire retardant silk plants abloggersbeauty

ThermaLeaf fire retardant silk plants abloggersbeauty

Be Punctual but Avoid to Arrive On Time

Planning an arrival time is also importantfor being a well-mannered guest. Obviously, it is importantto reach on time and don’t be too late butit is also equally important not to arrive before time as your host may not be prepared to meet you comfortably.  Your early arrival may put your host in an embarrassing situation.

Be a Polite and Helpful Guest

Be a gentle and polite guest and be ready to help your host in every possible way. You can help to get the dinner on the dining table at least. Thiswill also be a great help foryou host andyou can reallyhelp reduce the host’s burden. Moreover, by offering help, your host will alsofeel comfortable while serving you. 

Be Friendly with Strange Guests as Well

In a party, you may come across several to whom you may don’t know. Even though it is important to be friendly with everyone and take a step ahead to talk to them.Listen to everyone and put thoughtful questions to takethe communication ahead.

 Graceful Exit is a Must

Your way of exiting the party also counts for your party etiquettes. So, before you leave any big bash, make sure to say goodbye to host as well as every guest present. However, if you are attending a cocktail party, you may have to leave quietly because your announced exit can interrupt the overall rhythm of the party. Although a final thanks and goodbye is always important in any case to show appreciation for your host. You may also be friendlier by following up with a mail or message to your host describing the level of enjoyment you have experienced.


Throwing a party or attending the one is a great fun provided you follow all the party etiquettes properly. Good party manners can make a lasting impression of your personality on everyone. Moreover, a well-mannerplanning and behavior can also help you enjoy the event to the maximum possible level. So, take inspiration from these tips and be one of the best party hosts or guests ever.


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