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The Postpartum in between weight | Why nothing in my wardrobe fits

This is the part I knew I would hate.

Waking up in the morning and trying to find something in the wardrobe that fits. Every morning I still try to squeeze into my size 8 jeans in the hope that over night somehow I have lost a stone (lol)!

The Postpartum in between weight | Why nothing in my wardrobe fits

I have already lost 3 stone since giving birth and I have a little less than one left to lose and Evelyn is not even 5 months yet. I think I am doing quite well but that last stone is a killer to shift. I see now why they call it stones!

Can we just stop for a minute- I know I am not fat but this last little bit will get me back to where I was and I need to lose it, well I don’t need to need to if you know what I mean but for my mental state I feel I need to.

I have been doing my personal training sessions for a while now and they are brilliant. The last two weeks though I have been so busy and have had no time to fit it in but hopefully this week I can jump back on it.

I was so so very determined last week and lost 4lbs!

I am one of those awful people that weigh themselves every day, I know I shouldn’t but it’s become routine and hard to snap out of. Also if I find I have lost a lb I find it determination to buckle under for the rest of the week.

However, right now I am in this in-between weight where nothing in my wardrobe fits.

I have long been out my maternity wear and post baby clothes and I thought by the summer I’d be back into my normal summer wardrobe. I mean the clothes fit but they’re just that tad to tight.

Size 12 stuff is too big and size 8 too small but there is no point going out and buying a load of size 10 outfits for them to last 5 minutes of wear before I’m back in the size 8s. It’s such a hard place to be mentally because you don’t feel great in anything you wear.

Also…the bloat. I am so bloated all the time but I guess that is just my insides shrinking back to where it all should be!

Putting on so much weight during pregnancy was by all means my own fault but if you cant eat what you want even when you’re pregnant… then when can you right?
Depriving yourself of that 2nd Chinese of the week is only going to make you super grumpy so go ahead and order it … at the end of the day yes healthy food is best and good but you gotta let go sometimes otherwise what is life!

It is hard losing the weight, one bad dinner and I find I don’t lose weight for the entire week, even if I am major good for the rest.

When they say weight loss isn’t dieting it’s a lifestyle change they were bloody right, you cant just revert back to your old ways when you get where you want.

I think everyone has done that though and then blamed the diet they were doing. I need to eat more vegetables and fruit for sure. I am not a mega fruit fan to be honest but give me a bowl of carrots and butternut squash any day of the week.

It seems Evelyn is like her mumma too- weaning has started and she hates anything sweet- but that’s for another post.

I think if I put my mind to put I could become vegetarian – I hardly have any meat at all these days- except tacos cos ya know… Tacos are life (!) but I don’t think I could be vegan..my love of proper cheese is far too strong!

Still… my diet is pretty good and healthy and with a bit more exercise ill get that last stone shifted!

Watch this space for an update of my weight loss journey.


The Postpartum in between weight | Why nothing in my wardrobe fits

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