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Top Wedding Dress Styling Tips | Getting Married

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You’ve said yes and promised to marry your true love – congratulations! You’ve got the ring, booked the venue and spent those all-important hours choosing the perfect dress – it’s all starting to become real. Whether you’ve been dreaming of your big day forever, or just since you met your husband to be, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Choosing the perfect wedding outfit, complete with shoes and accessories, is the best part of getting married (apart from the lifelong commitment, that is). But, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed. With so many different choices and styles to choose from, picking the best look for you can be difficult.

Showcasing your personal style on your big day is a must, and it’s much easier than you might think. Having worked with dozens brides, all searching for that extra something, leading Manchester dress alterations company, Alterations Boutique, fills us in on their top tips to ensure you create a bridal outfit that is undeniably ‘you’!

Decide on a theme

While we’re not suggesting you go with a full under-the-sea or pirate themed nuptials, deciding on a loose theme for your day will go a long way towards helping you to choose the perfect dress and accessories.

Whether you’re going for a casual garden-party or a more formal, romantic feel, knowing the look you’re going for helps to make sure your dress doesn’t clash with your overall wedding style.

When you begin planning, using apps like Pinterest and Instagram, which allow you to create boards and collate your ideas, are a great place to start. Try and cover every aspect of your day – from flowers to stationery, outfits to cakes, to create a solid idea of the path you’re thinking of taking.

Why not pick three specific words to describe your ideal wedding ‘vibe’? These will help you to narrow down your options, when it comes time to pick accessories – if it doesn’t fit with the theme, don’t wear it, it really is that simple!

Throw on a cover up

If your wedding falls between the colder seasons, chances are you’ll want to get through the day without getting hypothermia. So many brides make the mistake of forgetting to purchase a proper cover-up, instead opting for a last-minute scarf or shawl that they’ve borrowed from a guest.

From boleros to cape’s, there are so many options to choose from. Our top tip? Choose one that complements your gown, and fits with your personal style. Similarly, why not try a beaded cape or a feather jacket? For those brides with more ornate and detailed dresses, something more minimal, such as a cardigan or a blazer, will help to keep you warm without competing with your gown.

Top Wedding Dress Styling Tips Getting Married a bloggers beauty

Wedding dress alterations

A gaping neckline, a baggy waistband or a trailing hemline doesn’t sound like the stuff of wedding dreams. Even though you may have purchased your dream gown, chances are it won’t be the perfect fit – not ideal for the biggest day of your life. But, there is a solution. Seeking the help of a dress alterations expert, or a seamstress, could be the answer to all your problems.

Manchester dress alterations shop, Alterations Boutique, suggest finding a seamstress as soon as you’ve purchased your dress to leave ample time for the work to be completed.

From redesigning to resizing, professional dress alterations can completely change the shape or style of a dress, making a huge difference to the bride and the way she feels. Whether you require extra embellishments, a replacement zip or a complete restyle, generally, boutiques like to see their bridal customers 2-3 times to establish the perfect fit well in time for your wedding day.

Think outside the box

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to follow every rule in the book. Want to get married in a jumpsuit and trainers? Go for it! Gone are the days when brides were expected to wear frothy white gowns and satin shoes, today there is so much less stigma surrounding more ‘unconventional’ weddings. From Emily Ratajkowski’s yellow Zara suit to Kat Von D’s blood red creation, it’s more acceptable then ever to follow your own style for your wedding outfit.

Whether your look is more fashion-forward, or you’re simply a person who doesn’t ‘do’ dressing up, if you’re a style queen who wants to make an impact on your wedding day, go for it!

Comfort wins

We all know that no wedding outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes – whether that’s a dainty pair of ballet slippers or some simple sandals, every bride deserves to feel their best. When it comes down to it though, on your wedding day, comfort really does win. Depending on the time of your nuptials, chances are you’ll be on your feet from the morning right through to the early hours.

Remember, you don’t want your feet to be screaming in pain before you’ve even reached the first dance, so choose your shoes carefully. While shopping, consider the style of your dress, along with the length. If your dress is longer you might even be able to get away with a pair of trainers or converse – after all it’s your big day, so go with what makes you feel best!

Determined to tackle the day in your trusty 6-inch heels? Invest in some heel grips, gel insoles or even some friction spray to stave off the pain.

Top tips:

  • Choose the right style for you: with so many different silhouettes to choose from, today’s bride has an unlimited number of outfit options. Find the perfect wedding dress to suit your body shape by identifying the parts of your body you love and want to highlight, and those you want to stay hidden. By figuring out your body shape – are you petite or tall, pear-shaped or athletic? – you’ll be able to identify the best shape to really show off your figure.
  • Don’t overdo the jewellery:when it comes to weddings, the idea of less is more is crucial. Instead of piling on the jewellery, why not pair it back? Choose pieces that mean something to you and won’t make your outfit look cluttered.
  • Do ‘you’:our most important tip is this: ignore everyone else’s opinions and choose a style and accessories that make you feel good. Let’s put it this way – if you’ve never worn a strapless dress before in your life, why wear one on the biggest day of your life? After all, it’s your special day, one you’ll only ever have once (hopefully!) and so, when it comes down to it, if you’re happy and feel beautiful, that’s all that matters!


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