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Keeping it fresh with Hair Burst

I want to start off by saying this is not just another sponsored hair care post that assures you that you can get thick long hair with this product by tomorrow and oh my god it’s amazing… lets keep this one for real for a minute please.

Ok so this is Hair Burst. The first time I heard of Hair Burst was a few years ago when they were doing those cute yummy chewable hair vitamin sweet things. Then a few weeks ago they popped into my inbox with a shampoo and conditioner range and a silk pillow that I had no idea about.

I have been using Hair Burst Shampoo and conditioner for around 2 weeks now … may be 3 (times run away with me lately).

At first I didn’t like the shampoo if I am totally honestly, it just didn’t feel like my hair was super clean. The conditioner though I am super in love with. It is a real creamy consistency that when applied to your hair and let for a few minutes really leaves it super soft. I found that my hair was a lot easier to brush and detangle after using the conditioner. If i use a regular supermarket brand I find it makes my hair soft but not really nourished.

For the products to work at the best you need to use both at the same time I know but I just couldn’t get on with the shampoo. BUT… although I just used the conditioner I have found I am losing less hair. Pregnancy was so kind to my lovely long locks but since birth it is shedding like nobodies business and I really feel that using this conditioner I am now losing a lot less.

The combo promises to Supercharge your hair growth for maximum length in minimal time, Reduce hair breakage, Grow faster and thicker hair, Strengthen your hair and Grow your hair safely.
I don’t think mine has got any longer or thicker but then I haven’t been using the shampoo. There is definitely a reducing in hair loss and breakages though for sure.

For the combo it is £24.99 which I think is a little steep more the product, i’d be happily paying closer to the £20 mark I think. They do also do great trios that come with hair vitamins which look pretty good packages though so they may be worth a look too.

I have never slept on a 100% silk pillow and by god it is dreamy. Aside from being super soft and comfortable they help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like split ends.

Cotton pillowcases actually absorb sweat and moisture from your hair whilst you sleep (vom) but Mulberry silk cases contain a natural protein which forms a barrier so no moisture is taken out your hair. How ? I have no idea. The silk also helps your hair to glide over it instead of pulling at your hair follicles and damaging them resulting in hair loss.

So overall pretty good and basically for anyone with long locks this is THE pillow to buy.

I think the Egyptian Cotton pillowcases are going to take a step back for a while.



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