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Evelyn is 6 months old | Raising Evelyn

Evelyn is 6 months old, like whhhaaaa???

6 months has gone ridiculously quick. I cannot understand how it has been 6 months since I screamed at the midwife this baby was coming today!

Evelyn is 6 months old | Raising My First

I think I have had a mostly stable 6 months.

I’ve had 1 melt down, 3 times I cried after looking in the mirror and approximately 182 days of IDGAF what I am wearing.

I thought with all the emotions and hormone in- balances there would be daily tears but I am doing ok. I remember very clearly my first melt down. Evelyn was may be 6 weeks old and I had been trying for 3 solid hours to settle her at bed time and just couldn’t. Having tried to settle her at 7pm, at 11pm I went to phil and burst into tears explaining I must be a shit mum if I couldn’t even settle my own baby! He proceed to settle her in like 3 seconds flat no lie!

Although 3 days later she was rushed to hospital with suspected Sepsis so I’ll let her off that one (but that’s another story.)

Evelyn is the cheekiest little chicken ever! She knows what she wants and what she can to do to get it and always gives the cheekiest grin when she gets her own way too!

She love love loves her Jumperoo (we got this one) and would quite happily play in it from dawn to dusk if we let her whilst watching bloody Baby Bums. If you haven’t let your baby watch this yet give it a go it’s an instant soother like no other!

We had to get her weighed a few days ago and she was bang on 14lbs/ 1 stone. My little chunk is growing so quickly and it scares me. We treat her like shes this most tiny baby and in fact she’s not any more.

My sister has just had (the cutest) little boy and holding him makes Evelyn feel like a small house in comparison.

Evelyn is pretty much sitting up and desperate to move around but hasn’t quite worked out how yet. We have been weaning for around a month already and her favourite is mummies carrot and butternut squash, she hates all jarred food which I guess is a blessing in disguise!

Where is my little baby going? It won’t be long and we will be celebrating her first Christmas then her birthday.. omg slightly freaking out here.

Evelyn is 6 months old | Raising My First

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