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The Fake Freckle Craze | Beauty Gone Crazy

When I was younger I remember looking at my freckles in the mirror and wondering when I would earn enough at my £3.50 an hour job so I could get myself some decent covering foundation to cover them. Not once did it ever cross my find that at some point people would be sticking them on.
I used to dread the summer months when the sun would bring them out even more.

and then the other day …. this happened.

A PR email landed in my inbox with the offer to trial a product that would tan me some freckles. Yep… you heard right. This freckle craze is going from crazy to damn right weird.

I am “blessed” with natural freckles. Maybe in a past life I was ginger lol. No but seriously I have quite a few that come out in the sun going across my noes and under my eyes. Like the ones some of you crave!

I just cannot get my head around it though.

When people dot them on with a pencil they just don’t look natural. Nobody has like a dozen dark brown freckles perfectly and evenly dotted across their nose?

The Fake Freckle Craze | Beauty Gone Crazy

So going back to the original email- this product used a stencil which goes across the bridge and under your eyes and then you simply swipe fake tan across it leaving slightly darker freckles like blemishes across your face! (insert weirded out face)

Maybe because Ive always had freckles and found them kind of annoying this craze has not hit me yet.

I am just baffled how girls think that they look natural. As you can see I did try it just to play devils advocate but no… no way!

Wait… or am I missing the whole point? Are they deliberately trying to make them looks super fake? Like you know when super thick eyebrows was a thing or the blue lipstick? Is this is meant to be a bold statement/ outcry?

So after a quick google it is quite common to actually have them tattooed too. Surely you would have to hide in the house for a month after whilst they healed… with no makeup on… waiting for the scabs to fall off. As you can tell I am totally convinced.

Apparently Meghan Markle has been a key influencer in the whole freckle malarkey but only because hers are so perfectly natural (of course).

The Fake Freckle Craze | Beauty Gone Crazy

I did a little bit of market research so this was not all just about my opinion and the majority of people are for fake freckles. They are saying it is making them feel ‘fresh faced’ and ‘extremely youthful’.

Like seriously there is even a snap chat filter for it now?!?! (yeh I know it’s been there a while but hey I don’t use snapchat).

Are you a hater or a lover?

The Fake Freckle Craze | Beauty Gone Crazy

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