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Committing to cutting out the crap | 8 ways you can start saving the planet

War on plastic is a big thing in the media right now. Billions of tonnes of plastic waste gets dumped into landfill everyday. I wan to start of by saying this is not just the consumers fault though. All that recycling you put in that blue bin of yours- over 50% of that ends up going to landfill to!


I’m pretty sure everyone saw THAT VIDEO of the poor turtle getting a straw removed from its nose. That’s when I decided to make the change. Since then I have refused any plastic straws. I know that seems something small but that was a few years ago now.

We have got to starting committing to cutting out the crap we use.

I have recently continued to look into the way we use our waste and what foods we are buying that are wrapped in plastic to try to significantly reduce our waste and head towards the Zero Waste Lifestyle. I am going to be totally honest I don’t think we could do that as a family just yet as Evelyn has more waste than all of us right now but it’s a good start.

Any change is a good change.

So I have put together 8 ways you can change to be more environmentally friendly and conscious to what you are doing toy our planet!

1. Use shampoo bars instead of your ordinary bottled. So lush do an amazing range of shampoo bars. They look like a bar of soap but lather up so well and wash your hair with natural products. Because the bars last 3 times longer than natural shampoo by purchasing just one you are in fact saving the use of 3 bottles.

Add a conditioning bar in and boom there’s another couple.

8 ways you can start saving the planet War on plastic abloggersbeauty

2. Plastic bottles- of course this one was going to be on the list. Just stop… it’s so easy! I purchased this bottle from amazon for £8.75 on sale. They are on sale again from £21.55 down to £10.56 and work a dream. They keep water hot or cold for up to 9 hours I believe.
I got the matte grey as I am a sucker for anything matte but the rose gold is super cute. I also love the designs of the chillybottles too.

8 ways you can start saving the planet War on plastic abloggersbeauty

3. Change to a plant-based lifestyle or at least get your fruit and veg at a farmers market/ green grocers. We always shop at Aldi and it wasn’t until recently I questioned them on the amount of plastic they use as it is ridiculous. Pretty much all their product comes in plastic. I didn’t get a great response to be honest.

8 ways you can start saving the planet War on plastic abloggersbeauty

After looking at their policies they have said basically they will try to do something by 2025… kind of little to late in my opinion. So (apart from formula) I will be taking my business else where Aldi! We have gone back to our truly beloved Macknades for our fruit, veg and things like. They also recently installed a refilling system to fill you own containers with various foods like lentils, chick peas, beans and pulses etc.

8 ways you can start saving the planet War on plastic abloggersbeauty(photo credit: @unpackaged instagram)

This weekend we also found a glorious shop in Canterbury called unboxed well they sell everything with no packaging. You can even take containers in to refill washing up liquid, cleaning products, olive oil… they have tonnes of stuff.

8 ways you can start saving the planet War on plastic abloggersbeauty(Photo credit @unboxedkent via Facebook)

4. Compost your kitchen scraps. if you have a small garden and won’t actually use it I am sure a neighbour or family member would love it. It reduces what you put in the bin and most of your scraps will breakdown and nourish plants giving life and nourishment from your leftovers.

5. Buy used over new. There are tonnes of sites like eBay, gumtree, even facebook marketplace that have so many unwanted used items that are literally good as new.

We recently got Evelyn some second-hand toys that still had the label on. Not only did we save a few quid but they may have ended up in landfill on top of the new one we would have bought.

It doesn’t make you a cheap skate or any less of a person it just simply helps you do your bit for the world.

6. Use reusable’s. By this I mean take a bag to do the food shop or even take a coffee mug to grab a coffee from the coffee shop. Our Local Farm And Harper shop in Whitstable have a great reusable cup scheme. They bought mugs from the fabulous charity shops in our town and they are now available for you to borrow.
Get one loyalty stamp for buying a hot drink and another bonus stamp when you bring the mug back. They also offer a reusable lid for your normal ‘from home’ mugs, they have those available too for a £3 deposit. Return the lid, get your £3 back! How great is that?

8 ways you can start saving the planet War on plastic abloggersbeauty
(photo credit: @farm & harper facebook)

7. Replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush.

Billions of toothbrushes are thrown away in Britain every year

…yes they are plastic, but no they are not recyclable. By replacing you brush with a bamboo brush you can help that little bit more.

A bamboo toothbrush is 100% biodegradable and lasts just as long as a normal brush. The handle of the bamboo toothbrush can actually be composted and will be reabsorbed back into the soil within 6 months.

8.Every day, 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the United States alone!!! Simply say no to Straws. Simply ask your waiter/ barman for you drink without a straw or alternatively bring your own reusable. There are loads of different types you can get from glass to metal to even paper (although cutting down trees and all that… go for the glass or metal I’d say). You can get glass straws for around £6 or £7 for a set of 5 of 6 including a couple of cleaning brush thingys to clean them with. Shop them here.

Metal straws I think are a lot more durable though and a lot more popular. These stainless steel ones are really good because stainless is renowned for its non corrosion meaning after all those coke’s etc they are going to start rusting etc. $12.99 for a pack of four with a cleaner is pretty good.

I am hoping some people will adopt to just some of these ways, we are in the process of doing most if not all of them, for example I am waiting until my tooth-brush needs renewing to get a bamboo one and I do not have a reusable straw yet but I have been saying no to straws every time.

This war on plastic is just the start of a mass change in our economy for sure.

Nobody is perfect I get that but if we all just stopped throwing everything away all the time maybe just maybe we may have a few extra turtles in our seas, surely that’s a good place to start?

Keep up with our journey here.

8 ways you can start saving the planet War on plastic abloggersbeauty

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