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We Started Weaning | Raising Evelyn

We Started Weaning | Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

No one tells you ‘Today is the day to start weaning!’ No one says ‘Hey it is going to be a long hard slog!’ or “The is going to be super easy!’

No body says anything like that and just like that *BAM* you regret even starting!

We started weaning Evelyn when she was 5 months. She was more than ready and everything was going straight in her mouth. It started well. We started with dinner because that was what was working for our lifestyle and she would have 5-10 spoonfuls of puree straight off. This was going well for about 2-3 weeks.

She hates jarred shop bought baby food so I have been making everything from scratch and then batch freezing. Time consuming but definitely worth it for her to have 100% goodness instead of extra salt, sugar and additives.

We also gave her fruit to suck mid afternoon that we would hold to get her used to different tastes and textures.

Then she found out how to blow raspberries.

The dinner started going more in my mouth than hers. She blew it everywhere. So instead of drawing attention to it we ignored it and try to plough through. After a week or so she began pushing food out with her tongue, clearly not wanting it.

I tried different spoons, different temperatures (obviously not hot), different foods, different thicknesses… nothing was working.

And that brings us up to Monday of last week. Evelyn is now just over 6 months and I feel like we are back to square one.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…… SHE STARTED TEETHING AGAIN!

Tuesday and Wednesday AND Thursday were a mess. Tears, Calpol, Bonjela, cuddles and naps.

(face palm)

I think a lot of babies get to this stage like we have and then something happens… I can’t be the only one right?

So when the teething subsides, hopefully in a few days, I am taking it back to basics. I have been recommended the Ella’s Kitchen Melty Puffs and some other recipes so we are going to give those a go.

At the weekend we tried some steamed broccoli and she refused to even put them near her mouth.

I am not going to force her and I know some babies are not ready at 6 months, however, the fact that she was ready at 5 and the health visitor recommended we started weaning just goes to show that it is not always an easy path.

My baby girl is growing up too quick!!!

If anyone has a similar weaning story or has any tips drop me a line!!

We Started Weaning | Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

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