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Impress Nails… 1 Year On.

Motherhood comes with its tests and trials that I have realised now. But one thing no one prepares you for is how much times you have to give up. If you are thinking about having children or do not have any children then you’ll know the only person you have to deal or be responsible for is yourself. You do not realise how selfish you are until you have a child.

That is not said horribly. I was once the girl who would sit there all day in my PJs binge watching a series on Netflix not even bothering to answer the door cos y’know… effort n all that. We’ve all done/ do it. With a child…. nope…not anymore! Your priorities change.

Having my nails done at a salon is not something I’ve had done in so so long. I do not have 3 hours spare to clean my house let alone time to get my nails done! So I need something quick, easy and effortless… and preferably something I can do whilst holding a baby.

And that my friends is where imPress Nails have slipped into my life.

impress nails review a bloggers beauty

Last year you may have seen me shouting about these on IG and the blog and I wanted to take this opportunity to explain a bit more about them and show you some of their amazing new styles they have in!

First off there are tonnes of different styles to choose from. Here are 4 gorgeous ones but if you look on their website you’ll see so so many different designs it makes it near on impossible to choose.

impress nails review a bloggers beauty

impress nails review a bloggers beauty

So how good actually are they? People think some bloggers give a good review just because they receive an item or because they are paid, but I can assure you my reviews are 100% god damn truth.

These nails are legit the best nails I have ever tried- acrylics aside.

I am to going to tell you they are as good as just done £30 acrylics like in the shops as that would be a lie but they are pretty damn close.

They are press on nails not glued on. So lets talk about that for a minute. The quality of these nails are incredible in comparison to press on or glue on nails. They will peel off with a lot of force and in that respect probably aren’t as strong as salon nails. BUT… these do not need to be soaked off with acetone and they do not damage your nails in any way.

If applied correctly following the guide instructions inside then the nails will last for around a week. I have managed to get 10 days out of them on a few occasions though making them great for special events like weddings or long weekends away or even a weeks holiday.

impress nails review a bloggers beauty

In each box you get 30 nails which cover you for 12 different sizes which gives pretty much any nail size a great fit.

To apply you first need to prep your nails. Make sure they are clean and dry and you have tidied up your nails a little first. Then use the cuticle stick to push back your cuticle’s and give them a bit of a clean. use the wipe provided in the pack and rub over each nail. This is a really important step in making sure the nail attaches itself well.
Then simply find the right size for your nail, peel off the plastic and apply directly to your nail starting as close (but not on) to the cuticle as possible and hold down.

And Voila…..

That is literally it! Super easy, no skanky smell, no mess and best of all no damage to your nails at all!

So lets talk about cost.

They are £7.99 a set but Superdrug normally have ‘save 1/3’ or 3 for 2 etc making them so cheapy cheap. This is really cheap for the quality that you get.

I don’t know many people who actually keep their acrylics on for longer than 2-3 weeks and at an average cost of £30 for acrylics and £7.99 for impress…you are laughing! Even if you put on a new set weekly it is still cheaper!

I am for sure a convert for life!

You can purchase imPress nails from most Superdrug stores or on the Superdrug website. Pretty sure there is more of a range in store though!



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