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A Christmas Gift Guide | FindMeAGift.co.uk

Oh my god its October already. Yes, I say this every year but this year it has run by quicker than Mo Farah!

It is October and the gift guides are out in full swing. I think there is always at least one person in your family that you have no idea who to buy for. Normally they are men… lets be honest. Probably a Grandad or Dad. They’re a nightmare!

I have teamed up with Findmeagift.co.uk to find you the perfect lifestyle based gifts for those that you simply have no idea what to get.

A Christmas Gift guide FindMeAGift.Co.uk abloggersbeauty

Find A gift have a great website that lets you search for pretty much any occasion or type of person. They don’t just do the typical ‘Del Boy’ bath robes and the ‘Ring for service’ Bell. They offer so much more including Experiences, Homeware and Personalised products.

There is even a section titled ‘Gift Inspiration’ for those who really really have no idea what to buy.

I particularly like the Kids section caters for all ages with some cutie little things that I have already purchased for Evelyn for Christmas.
The baby section includes gifts like Silver Money boxes and ‘Name A Star’ gift and even a ‘My First Bauble’.

Ok I need to stop my ovaries are twinging haha.

But you get the point the website is filled with some amazing gifts and one I have recently been using very regularly.

A Christmas Gift guide FindMeAGift.Com abloggersbeauty

A Christmas Gift guide FindMeAGift.Com abloggersbeauty

A Christmas Gift guide FindMeAGift.Com abloggersbeauty

I wanted to show you 3 products that are really great this Christmas for those that are a little more tricky to buy for;

This adoption pack is in association with the Galapagos Conservation Trust, a registered charity which helps Galapagos Penguins by conserving their habitat. It is a 12-month adoption that will make a valuable contribution to the continuation of these beautiful animals, making it a thoughtful gift for any penguin enthusiast.

The pack contains a lovely selection of things that will make it a great gift including the Support Certificate.

A Bonsai is something that really needs nurturing and taking care of. They are easy to grow but need patience. I think these ones are great for any age; either to teach children or as a thoughtful gift for a new parent.

Nowadays Bonsai trees are often put into homes to symbolise peace and happiness, making a Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Kit a perfect housewarming kit too.
There are 4 different varieties in each set and everything you will need to get going.

The dual foot massager is really more for adults than children. It functions on the principles of shiatsu massage, as the rotating nodes ease every part of your feet. All you have to do is move your feet up and down to feel the incredibly soothing pressure all up and down the base of your foot.

It offers 2 rollers each side and you can also set the machine to vibrate too. Note the vibration is quite noisy especially on hard floor. The vibrations help to ease muscle tightness and release tension from your foot after a long hard day. Note for the vibration it needs 2 AA batteries that are not included.

That is just 3 of their great items. They have a very very big selection to offer and some really unique gifts.

You can purchase all of these from their site direct www.findmeagift.co.uk.


A Christmas Gift guide FindMeAGift.Com abloggersbeauty

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