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October’s To Do List

I haven’t written a to-do list in a hella long time. October is such a busy month for me at work and at home and this year.. it is even busier.

Fresh Autumn air, jumpers and conkers are just a few of my favourite October things and it always manages to put a smile on my face. I love the cooler mornings and darker evenings.

When I have to leave early some mornings and I feel the cooler air on my cheeks I always smile- like seriously smile. It gets me excited for the days ahead and impending ice and snow. A little sinister I know but I love it.

October's To Do List a bloggers beauty

I wanted to write an October ‘to-do’ list mainly for my own benefit so I can remember to get bloody everything done.

– We are enrolling Evelyn in nursery. She is so independent and loves playing with other children. She currently spends Monday afternoons with a friend and her two wonderful girls and Evelyn always has THE best time there.
So we decided enrolling her for a day and a half in nursery would help her to thrive even more. Who knows maybe she will learn to actually start feeding herself too!

– I am compiling one of the best beauty gift guides I have ever written. I have got hold of some amazing products and I cannot wait to start reviewing them and taking photos of them. I am hoping this will go live the last week in October so I need to get my act together now with photos and reviewing!

– I am super excited for a local Blogger event with a local Mental Health Charity. A cute place In Whitstable in Kent called Revivals is hosting and I think it’d be really beneficial to get to know more about the Charity. They haven’t asked me to write about it at all but I think it is a really important topic so will be writing something for sure.

– I have a large work event at the end of October which needs loads of prep work for. I need to organise the catering side of things and the social aspect too.

– Workouts. I must get back on the weekly workouts. I managed to squeeze two in on Friday so I am hoping I can keep this up. No winter bod this year for me!

– And last and quite frankly the most important – The cat turns 5!

This month is going to be busy!

October's To Do List a bloggers beauty


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