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Keeping Calm with KypWell

You know when you’ve just had that week from hell and you just want to give up…. well that was me last week.

Evelyn is currently cutting 2 teeth, Thomas had a cold and gave it to Phil and Evelyn, Phil’s went straight to his chest and Evelyn’s to her throat leaving both of them miserable and me super tired and having to do absolutely everything, whilst working as well.

Single Mum’s I salute you!

Then… the ceiling started dripping, which turned into a mass leak that nearly pulled the ceiling down. Long story short, a pipe had corroded and formed a hole in the cold water pipe leading to the ensuite… after ALOT of mess, stress, anxiety and money… we have 6 new holes in our house and 1 new pipe. I guess this is something I should be happy about.

Im surprised I haven’t come down with something just out of sheer stress.

You can imagine my utter joy when a goody bag from KypWell found its way into my hands and in it two pots off loose tea. One KypCalm tea and one KypClean tea.

KypWell is a Greek company, Cyprus to be exact, that help people to lead healthier lives. Cyprus is well-known for its high fertile volcanic soil making it perfect for growing herbs and fresh local produce.

I have never been to Cyprus but am desperate to go. Having been numerous times to Crete and loved it I think the next Greek island we visit may have to be Cyprus.

Cyprus has been home to herbs since… well forever. There is proof that herbs were hugely significant in the very fist century AD. Crazy right? Because of their fantastic herb variety and mass they are home to the biggest export of natural healing herbs and have always used them as an alternative healing method.

Maybe this contributes to the Greeks having proven longer lives?

So yeh, KypWell do not just offer herbal teas but a whole range of natural skincare products. They also have a club in Cyprus where you can go and experience treatments and remedies and gets lifestyle and fitness plans, it looks truly glorious and someone where I can only really dream of going.

You can also sip the tea there ha ha ha.

So this tea…

The herbs used in the tea are 100% organic and free from pesticides. They are dried and cultivated in a very pure way  which carries 100% of their therapeutic action.

Keeping Calm with Kypwell a bloggers beauty

Keeping Calm with Kypwell a bloggers beauty

The KypClean and the KypCalm are two very different teas.

The KypCalm is quite strong in taste and one I have tried to persevere with but I just can’t like.

Te KypClean on the other hand is quite nice to the taste and even better with a teaspoon of pure honey. You can drink a couple of cups a day but I only have one in the mornings. I find it leaves my skin a lot clearer and definitely gives me more energy.

There are 3 teas available to buy. There is KypClean, KypCalm and KypSlim. They are all €15 each and can be purchased from Kypwell.com.


Keeping Calm with Kypwell a bloggers beauty

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