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Justification in the Blogging Industry

Justification in the Blogging Industry a bloggers beauty

The 19th February 2017 was a blogging milestone for me. The week leading up to it L’Oreal launched their stunning Beauty and the Beast inspired lipstick range and I was willing to do anything in my power to get them.

Launching only in Italy on amazon, I sucked up the shipping costs and purchased them for god knows how much. They were beautiful and worth it.

When they arrived they were stunning. I had literally seen nothing like them.

I instantly grabbed some white paper to use as a background and took a very poor quality iPhone video – chipped, bitten, unpolished nails included. Without even thinking due to excitement overloaded I uploaded it to instagram with a load of tags and hashtags.

Justification in the Blogging Industry a bloggers beauty

In hind sight the photo above is what I should have done!

The views started..1…10…100…10,000…. they just kept going up and I had no idea how. I searched the tagged pages accounts to see if anyone had mentioned me and nothing. “Stories” wasn’t a thing back then so that couldn’t have been the answer.

Over the next 24 hours I was flubogarsted.

Over the next 72 hours I was in melt down mode.

My crappy video had hit nearly a quarter of a million views.

Comments and followers soared and it made me excited.

Justification in the Blogging Industry a bloggers beauty

Fast forward 18 months and here we are. It is Tuesday morning and I am sitting here, in light of recent events, feeling like I have to justify myself.

Yesterday a new platform (so to speak) hit the internet and the blogosphere went crazy.

This is a new way of being able to check peoples authenticity and whether or not they purchased followers etc or not. Until last night, I didn’t even know you could purchase video views. Not only that there is no way that I could afford to bloody buy them!

However, this new way is utterly brilliant. It’ll show the true organic engagement and increase or decrease in followers too. You can watch the video here. Honestly I think the website is going to be revolutionary for companies.

There is another platform that shows your history in graphs called SocialBlade. Curios what mine looked like I had a search and found it to very true and honest.

Then I noticed this massive jump in followers in February of last year. Having never purchased any likes, followers, views etc I did a post search to find what I was doing on those dates and my Lipstick video popped up.

That day last year I was so over the moon that something I had done had finally paid off.
Now in fear of being criticised  and challenged, I feel like I have to justify my one little ounce of success that spurred me to continue my content.

Justification in the Blogging Industry a bloggers beauty

This is not me criticising the platforms at all, I think they are the very best thing for the industry.

I feel that because there has been so much lying and deceit absolutely everything is being questioned, and of course that is rightly so. But for the very few of us that have had one or two ‘break through’ posts the graphs work against us and show ‘unusual activity’. In my case this was 100% organic unusual activity and 100% pure luck with hard work mixed together. Nothing has ever happened like that since, yet, I still try my best to produce great content.

I guess I just had two of something that were so so limited in stock and everyone wanted.

Everyone wants that break through moment but it is times like these when you sometimes feel worried what everyone else will think.

I originally started my Instagram page to help sell some makeup I was trying to push at the time. All my ‘selling’ pals were liking the pictures and engagement was amazing. As soon as I decided I no longer wanted to sell and I wanted to focus on writing, I was dropped like a hot potato and engagement plummeted.

Every single night I trawled through instagram finding those wonderful influencers who I idolised and commented on their posts and made friends with the other commenters. For months I did this and got nothing back.

3 years down the line and people comment and like but it is not what it used to be like, yet, the ‘selling’ pals still follow me sitting in the background watching.

I know in my heart of hearts that I shouldn’t even want to write or even publish this post. But I also know in my heart of hearts that In this very rare case, I am the anomaly.

I am waiting for the messages to roll in and I am not sure yet how I am going to respond to them. All I know is I will continue to blog whether I get 5 likes, 50 likes or 500,000 likes. For me I write because I enjoy it and am passionate about it and that is simply it.

Justification in the Blogging Industry a bloggers beauty

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