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Top 5 Useful Baby Products | Raising Evelyn

Some baby products are so bloody expensive! It is sods law you fork out for something to find there was a much easier cheaper way of doing things. So I wanted to write a totally un-sponsored blog post to show you 5 things we use at home that have been absolutely brilliant and also if there is a cheaper way of doing something very similar.

Top 5 Useful Baby Products a bloggers beauty

Not on of these 5 things was gifted by a company they are purely what we have found through trial and error:

1. Leka Play Mat from Ikea

This is not a play mat I purchased but something my Mum bought for Evelyn when she found out I was expecting. It is the perfect mat for everyday use and so easily transportable to the garden or on a day out or to tuck away underneath the sofa. It is quite thick- kind of like a standard duvet thickness. We have wooden floors so it was important if Evelyn is rolling about to make sure she doesn’t whack her head.
It has four corners, each with something to play with. We also put Evelyn’s toys around her so she can roll around a grab at a few extra things too. It folds (but doesn’t crease) under the sofa easily, machine washable and also is great for if we are having a garden day.

Cost: £25

Alternative: sew a few toys to the corner of a duvet… dun dun! Cost: Depends on duvet and toys but cheaper than £25

2. Weaning or Feeding Dummy

For anyone who is against dummies I totally understand and this one is an exception to the rule. This wondrous contraption does not break the bank and does create ease. When first weaning simply stick a few pieces of food, ideally fruit into the dummy and give it to baby to suck on. Not only will they get used to picking something up and putting it in their mouth but they will be able to try fruit safely without the worry of bits breaking off and choking. It is also great for when they are teething. Simply regenerate the foo first and give immediately to baby and it helps to soothe gums.

Cost: 99p roughly

Alternative: I mean you could sit there and hold it I guess but this is so much easier. Cost: Free

3. Tommee Tippie Perfect Prep Machine

This was quite a large expense that we are so glad we forked out for. The machine accurately prepares a bottle at body temperature in under two minutes. If you have a fuss pot like Evelyn who will only have her bottle slightly warm then this is perfect. Literally hit the button add the formula hit the button again and then feed. No waiting around for bottles to cool etc. It is a god send at night when Evelyn wakes for food as, yes you have been woken up, but you can settle her back with a bottle super quickly without waking the house boiling a kettle.

Cost: Average around £85-£135 depending if you want the latest model. Also they are always on sale SOMEWHERE.

Alternative: ( A friend showed me this) In the morning and evening boil a kettle and fill your bottles with boiled water. Yes this will cool but when you need them you can add a splash of re-boiled piping hot water to bring it back up to a warm drinkable temperature. This is also great if you are planning to have the whole day out of the house, just simply do the first steps again and then take a flask of boiling water with you! Cost: The cost of whatever flask you want to buy.

4. Baby Bjorn Original Carrier 

The Baby Bjorn Original Carrier is amazing. Useable from birth up to 12 months or 3.5-11kg it is suitable for all. You can choose baby to be outward facing or forward facing although outward facing is recommended from 5 months onwards only. Evelyn loves being in her carrier and has never ever cried being in it. It enables her to be upright and included and look at all the trees and sky and people that she absolutely loves doing.
It is so easy to use and incredibly light weight. It can even fold up to fit into a change bag. A carrier of some sort is a must for all parents but this one in particular is strong, sturdy and super supportive to parent and baby and I can’t recommend it enough.

Cost: Around £70

Alternative: There are so many alternatives to offer and you must get one that is right for you and your baby.

5. Label Cushion

Recently Evelyn has taken to sucking every single label she can lay her hands on. She isn’t interested in toys… just labels. So I cut up an old shirt and made a 6 x 6 size cushion using the rest of the shirt for the inners. I cut off a load of labels of clothing and stitched them around the edges making sure the labels are very secure.

And that is literally it. She loves it.

Cost: Nothing if you have an old piece of clothing you don’t want.

Alternative: You can buy something similar for about £15 – going to be honest- making your own will be so much better. The ones to purchase aren’t all that. Cost: Around £15

Top 5 Useful Baby Products a bloggers beauty

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