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Going Small, Local And Affordable For Your Wedding

Going Small, Local And Affordable For Your Wedding

The cloud that is thrown up in front of us when it comes to weddings is due to our own making. It’s customary in our culture to just expect and want a big wedding.
But what if there are multiple factors that you realise are driving you toward doing the opposite? What if you don’t want a large wedding even if you have the money for it?

Speaking of which, what if you don’t have the money for a big bashful wedding?

Perhaps it’s not your style to be overzealous and grandiose. But all the magazines, websites, marketing campaigns and such, push home this narrative that you need a big wedding in order for it to be special.

Going against the grain can feel like there’s something wrong with you and that maybe your heart isn’t in it as much as ‘normal’ couples.
Firstly there’s nothing wrong with not wanting what the mainstream culture says you should have. Secondly, it sounds like you’re veering toward the small, local and affordable options.

A little short

The number one thing that affects couples looking to marry is their budget. You can’t have what you can’t pay for; or can you? Wedding loans are increasingly popular because they have a guarantor option. You may borrow up to £10,000 and then decide whether or not you want to pay it back with interest by a year or 5 years instead.
A guarantor will take up the position to foot the bill for the loan if you can’t meet it down the line. For example, you can take out this loan and ask your parents to be the safety net if you and your partner cannot make the payments. It’s great for young couples that don’t have a lot of savings and want to have a small wedding to get started on their journey.

The big halls

Wedding venues are incredibly pricey. It isn’t just that they have big halls and plenty of glamor to them. They are also in the wedding business so, supply and demand factors into the renting price for the venue.
A venue that would otherwise be priced at £2,000 a night might be bumped up to £5,000 or more a night just because of the wedding features it will have such as decorations, special menus, flower arrangements etc. Instead, find a humble local venue such as a small church, stately gardens, a beach or even a theater where you have enough room to have the ceremony while providing seating space also.

Keep the list short

The biggest factor in the wedding budget besides your dress will be the amount of guests you have. As you can imagine the more guests you have the more food you will need to provide. The more people means the biggest the venue which equals to more costs.
Keep the list of people you’re inviting short as possible if you have a budget that is small, to begin with.

Small weddings are the most intimate.

They are witnessed by only the people you care about, you don’t have to shell out for your venue and party and you can afford them with a wedding loan that isn’t bank busting.

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Going Small, Local And Affordable For Your Wedding

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