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Becoming a Vegan | A Meatless Me

Can we start just by clarifying that I am trying to turn Vegan currently. I know it is hard for current meat eaters but this post is there to help both me and you, so don’t call me out if you still see me with bacon in my hand… I’m getting there ok.

I want to take this back to basics to help those that have little knowledge about Veganism and also to those that are newly turned Vegans.
If you want to add anything please comment. Id love more recipes and tips!

According to Wikipedia (because y’know that’s fact these days lol) a vegan is a person who does not eat or use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese.

I want to make it super clear now that I cannot stand non dairy cheese. Cheese will always be my weakness. I would quite happily change everything in my diet to become a Vegan but Cheese would have to still be there. At least it doesn’t hurt an animal. Like I know keeping cows etc is extremely bad for the planet and how they are kept is horrific but if I went a just milked a random cow that would effect the atmosphere or planet at all? Im hoping that makes sense.

Cheese has to stay.

In fairness Tofu is a great substitute for cheese.. these Tofu fries were amazing.

Becoming a Vegan The Facts and the Fads a bloggers beauty

Everything else though I am happy to change.

So lets start with the facts.

Being a vegan is one of the healthiest diets out there. Packed full of veg and natural earth items it is shaping up to be the way forward. Vegan diets are higher in dietary fiber, magnesium, folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron and Phytochemicals.

The amount of chemicals that are pumped into animals through vaccinations, antibiotics, growth hormone… any medicine really can enter your body when you eat them. These can cause horrific diseases such as cancer.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all meat eaters are going to get cancer. I have no idea on the statistics when it comes to that. What I do know is that vegan food boasts a lower rate of some cancers, it lowers cholesterol, lowers risk of Cardiovascular Disease, decreases the intake of foods implicated in many chronic diseases, lower blood pressure than meat eaters, and Also vegans have been shown to have a better mood and outlook on life than omnivores.

If you take it back to the caveman days, people were forced to eat what they grew or could fridge for. Killing an animal could be far and few between and was only occasional. That is how we are built to be.

There is so much nutrition in the food we can grow. It is of course nutritional, renewable and incredibly good for you.

Processed food is not just the likes of Mcdonalds and KFC. It is some oils, chicken nuggets, batter, bread, bacon, white rice, margarine, Sugar, fizzy drinks… the list is endless. FACT: Did you know Coke used to actually contain Cocaine!

Also a FACT: Methane from cows is one of the lead causes of global warming.

FAD: Vegans suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. – We can all suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency if we do not have a varied diet. If you eat a varied vegan diet you can still get all the nutrition you need.

Fact and fiction aside it is kind of a no-brainer to see that someone who eats a tonne of veg is going to be healthier than someone that eats a lot of processed food. This is just looking at the diet side of things and not lifestyle.

I started to eat a tonne more vegetables and less meat shortly after Evelyn was born. I knew that everything I ate and drank was going through my milk in to her and I wanted to give her the best possible start in life. Feeding her for 4 months meant I had control over what she effectively ate and drank.
Now we are weaning we are primarily giving her fruit and veg for now (along with milk obviously).

So I started by cutting the meat out of a few meals a week.

Buddha bowls were extremely helpful. Simply separate a bowl out, not literally , like in Trivial Pursuit, so each section is a different food. For example, one we love at home is; Grated Carrot, Cooked Chickpeas, Avocado, Red Cabbage, Beetroot, Broccoli and a dollop of Hummus on top. Sometimes we even sprinkle seeds on top for added protein. Bam! One easy super healthy vegan dinner!

There are so many recipes out there. Simply google Vegan Buddha Bowl or Vegan Nourish bowl. Here are 50 for you to be getting on with.

Like I say I am trying so these are more vegetarian but here are some of mine;

Becoming a Vegan The Facts and the Fads a bloggers beauty

Becoming a Vegan The Facts and the Fads a bloggers beauty

My journey is one I hope to document going forward. Ill be uploading loads of different recipes hopefully and share with you how I am doing.

If you have any vegan recipes you love love love comment them below for me please.

Becoming a Vegan The Facts and the Fads a bloggers beauty

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