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Time To Relax with Gordon Castle | Christmas Gift Ideas

I am so looking forward to Christmas and Gordon Castle have been helping me pick out a gorgeous ‘Me time’ package.

It is so important for us mums to take some time back for ourselves. It can help mentally and also with sleep deprivation amongst other things.

One thing in particular is sanity… !!!

So I teamed up with Gordon Castle to see if we could put together a small package for Christmas that would help anyone new mum get through to the weekend or just take some time out every now and again.

Time To Relax with Gordon Castle | Christmas Gift Ideas A bloggers beauty

Gordon Castle is a gorgeous in Scotland. Think castle with walled gardens and flower beds that stretch as far as the eye can see. This is one place I would absolutely love to go and visit. We are possibly hoping a trip next year because this stunning place is one I feel like would just make you sit back and appreciate life. Check out some of the pics of the castle here.

I feel like this place is ‘properly Scotland’. It is more north than any of the well-known cities near Elgin. I must look into how far it actually is. Update- it is 635 miles or 10.5 hours for me! Booooo!!!

Time To Relax with Gordon Castle | Christmas Gift Ideas A bloggers beauty

Time To Relax with Gordon Castle | Christmas Gift Ideas A bloggers beauty

So distance aside, this beaut package arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve literally been staring at it ever since. you know when you get the products and they just look too good to use… well that’s what’s been happening.

Lets firstly start on the Gin… because, let’s be honest, that’s where every good story starts.

Gordon Castle Gin is handcrafted using botanicals grown in their own Scottish Walled Garden. This particular one has subtle notes of Lavender and a slight hint of mint also. It is so refreshing and goes down a little too easily. The bottle is beautifully lined with pictures of its contents. For example this one.. lavender. But they also do a whole range of tasty Gins including a little tasting trio that I have ben eyeing up as a gift.

Pair it up with a Fentimans tonic and you literally have the perfect drink.

I must admit… Friday night Gins when the kids are in bed is totally becoming my thing in this house. It just makes the week feel like it’s been a good one. Don’t get me wrong I totally only have one or two… sometimes five or six lol but only occasionally when friends are over ha ha, girl gotta live! Lol!

Since having Evelyn most nights are just enjoying time with her until bed time and then Phil and I spending some quality time together.

Gin aside if any of you know me by now then you’ll know I cannot go a week without having a bath filled with bubbles and candles round the edge and wine… oh the wine. I promise I am not an alcoholic !!

So Gordon Castle sent one of their AMAZING smelling Flower Garden candles and a bottle of The Flower Garden Bubble Bath. These two combine literally make the most relaxing bath. Combining rose absolute and geranium bourbon essential oils help naturally aid relaxation and promote calmness.

That one feeling for me of try relaxation is when you’re sitting in your towel after a long candle and bubble bath, maybe a glass of bubbles too, and you sit there and just think ‘aaahhh life is good’.

This is how Gordon Castle products make you feel.

They have so many beautiful sets on the website you will find something for everyone. The prices are incredibly air for the quality of the products and taste (lets not forget the Gin). you can shop the hampers here and the beautiful gift sets here.

(Always drink responsibly.)


Time To Relax with Gordon Castle | Christmas Gift Ideas A bloggers beauty

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