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9 Months in | 9 Months out

9 Whole Months!!

Like W.T.F!

9 Months in | 9 Months out a bloggers beauty

9 Months in… 9 Months out

Evelyn is 9 months old today… that’s a whole pregnancy! Or 4.5″ of hair growth, or the time it takes to read Harry Potter series 168 times, or Watch a butterfly appear from a cocoon after it makes it about 25 times!!!

It is such weird feeling still that she is here and she is ours. It gives me cold sweats when I think about how quick it has gone and all the things she has learnt to do and all the things she will continue to learn.

In the post the other day I got a letter from the NHS inviting me to book in for her 9-12month review. Oddly super scared about it. I have no idea what to expect.

What if they tell me I’m a shit mum and she’s mega behind?

No, she still isn’t crawling and yes we are still having issues with her weaning but she’s only just grown teeth god damn it.

I think our perception of what babies must be doing, when, is hugely distorted. I am also currently writing another blog post about The Internal Struggle of being a mum which touches on this. Ill update this to a link as soon as it is live.

However, this post is not about me it is about Evelyn.

My 9 month old (aaaahhhhhh)!

9 Months in | 9 Months out a bloggers beauty

9 Months in | 9 Months out a bloggers beauty

She is Miss Independent! There is no doubt about that.

She knows her own mind and I am sure we are going to have problems with that when she becomes a toddler.

Evelyn loves to babble and make as much noise as she possibly can. I have no idea where she gets her energy from. She will be half asleep still trying to bounce the brains out of her Jumperoo.

She loves ‘Little Baby Bums’ on youtube… especially Baby Shark (rolls eyes).

She loves her Lamaze Tiger toy and her Peter Rabbit rattle teether.

Her love of fruit puts any adult to shame. Peach, Apple, Mango, Melon (all kinds), Strawberries, Pineapple, Raspberries, Cherries (especially Cherries), Apricot, Nectarines, Banana, Pear… the list goes on.

Cheeky should have been Evelyn’s middle name. She is the cheekiest baby I know. She knows when she is doing wrong and will give you the gummiest, dribbliest smile whilst doing it.

She loves other children. I could do the silly dances and the strange noises, just like Tommy does, which makes her laugh her socks off (literally), and she would look at me like WTF Mum!

‘Dada’ is said to everything from the minute she gets up in the morning to the last cry at night. The babble is always always ‘Dada’ and no deviation. There are no signs of any other words at all. She absolutely dotes on her daddy but will always snuggle into mummy when she’s upset, tired or scared.

My gorgeous girly… you are still so small but you are growing so fast. Never grow up!



  1. 26/11/2018 / 3:19 pm

    My boy didn’t crawl until he was 10 months old, he just didn’t seem bothered. I was initially quite worried but after speaking to other mums I discovered it’s perfectly normal. My son is now 14 months and walking quite confidently, yet some babies who were early crawlers still haven’t taken their first independent steps. They’re just all so different and will do things when they are personally ready.

    Keep on enjoying your baby girl, she’s beautiful x

    • ABloggersBeauty
      27/11/2018 / 9:52 am

      aw thank you for this!
      Im so glad to hear from someone who was in the same boat as me!!
      How was he with weaning? any tips? x

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