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We Started Weaning Vol. 2 | Raising Evelyn

I wanted to write a follow up / Volume 2 of Evelyn’s weaning stories.

3/4 months ago we were weaning Evelyn and getting ourselves into a right old pickle!

Evelyn is 9 months, I can’t say we are now ‘plain sailing’ but we are doing a lot better.

We have totally done away with any form of bowl…spoon…folk…spork…. it just wasn’t happening.

I decided it was time for her to try doing it all herself. She is the most independent baby and knows what she does and doesn’t like already and someone shoving a spoon in her mouth with mushed up dinners on it were not ‘cutting the mustard’.

I basically just started giving her cooked or steamed veg to start off with. I put her in her high chair and left her to get on with it. I would try and share her food and eat it in front of her and gradually she copied.

Although she still hasn’t learnt to properly chew. She has literally cut 2 teeth this week so I am hoping that will help massively. If it is fruit that she has sucked she can swallow it but when it comes to toast she will just suck it until it is soggy and then either spit it out or swallow a little bit.

It is still super stressful but a massive improvement.

We Started Weaning Vol. 2 | Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

We invested in a tonne of baby grows. We get through so many. Turns out there are only so many times they can be washed with tomato or strawberry stains on them.

Nursery have been a great help too. Although they insist on feeding her, rather than Evelyn doing it herself, she is definitely trying loads of new foods like homemade rice pudding, salmon bake, semolina- to name a few. No one in our house really likes rice pudding, so I would never make that, but it is good that she experiences these things too. Hopefully she will grow up and not be too picky!

She eats so much at nursery for a 9 month old. She has her usual milk (5oz every 2-3 hours) and on top of that she will have breakfast, a snack, lunch and pudding, snack, then dinner and pudding!!! I don’t think I could eat all that. She doesn’t seem to be drinking as much milk at nursery now but I can understand why now.

Interestingly babies will get teeth roughly around the 6 month mark (apparently) so we are about 2-3 months behind with that so If that is the case then maybe it’ll just take her a little longer when it comes to food.

Also found this on google (like ya do)..

‘Wait until your baby is sitting independently and is approximately 8 months old before introducing thicker purees, soft lumpy foods and melt-able solid finger foods. Babies need to have the physical and neurological maturity to succeed with chewing. Not all babies are ready for this at the same age level.’

So kind of makes me feel ok about it all.

Do I care anymore?…no I do not.

She is well, she is happy and she is loved. I will continue with what I am doing and eventually she will get there. She won’t live her whole life not chewing (imagine that!) she just may take a little longer… and that’s ok!

Any baby food ideas would be hugely appreciated though!

We Started Weaning Vol. 2 | Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

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