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My Wedding Dress Story

My Wedding Dress Story a bloggers beauty

My wedding dress story is quite a long one all be it quite simple in the end. Which I can assure you it DID NOT feel like at the time.

I gave birth in February and we got married in August. That gave me 6 months to lose the baby weight, totally do able right ?!? Nobody warns you how tremendously hard it is to lose that weight! I know everyone says it’s tough but you don’t really know ‘tough’ until you’re in the thick of it.
However, this post it not for moaning about weight loss (you can actually read that post here haha).

I wanted to leave my dress shopping right to the last minute so I could be in best possible shape. I actually left it to 6 weeks before the wedding, I know… cutting it fine right?
So my Mum, Sister and I traipsed up to London for the day armed with appointments as long as my sleeve to get ‘The Dress’. I can not remember how many I actually tried on but literally nothing was ‘the one’. You know when you know and nothing was hitting the nail on the head (sorry for all the cliches lol).

We stopped in The Real Greek for lunch, of which, if you haven’t been… then why the hell not?!! Their food is sooooo good and has me drooling just writing this post. They have a few places dotted around London and they fill up fast. The food is amazing and really authentic. We always ‘over order’ but we sit there until we have eaten everything because it’s too good to taste.

Anyway…dresses… there are so many different styles of dress, styles I don’t think I could ever have imagined!

I thought I knew the style I wanted. Kind of fish tail with a small train, fitted and not too poofy. Turns out it’s not what I wanted at all.

I honestly had no idea what to expect when it came to the assistants at the stores. I didn’t want to be pushed in to something I didn’t have my heart massively set on, yet, I didn’t want to waste their time. Appointments with such companies as ‘Grace Loves Lace‘ get snapped up sometimes years in advance. I needed to make the most of trying on every single dress.

One thing I knew I wanted was a train, regardless of the style of dress. Now I am not talking Kate Middleton style, just something that would briefly touch the floor and have the ‘that’s gorgeous’ factor.

Every girl has in their head a picture of what they want for their day, but me… it just wasn’t coming together as easily.

And then you have the issue of thinking you really really like a dress until you try on the next… it’s a mine field and I quite honestly didn’t realise how mentally draining it could be.

Needless to say I went home empty handed and tired AF.

I started looking online and after a few weeks I found it… the one… I ordered it in a few sizes and checked the returns policy as a lot of wedding dresses cannot be returned. Understandably though- people could wear them for the day and then return them!

It was stunning and I was instantly wowed.

And that is when you know… if you think omg wow then that’s it.

I ordered a few and when they arrived they were more beautiful than I thought. After a week of more dieting I was finally in the smaller size (YAY) and I was ready to walk into that room and say ‘I Do’.

I can not link the dress as unfortunately as it is no longer made, however, don’t dissmiss online shopping for your dress. It is not for everyone and some people like to have their dress made to their measurements. However, luckily for me I seemed to curve in all the right places for this dress and it fitted like a glove.

Yes, ebay is probably very risky unless the retailer is a store but be very careful.

Tip: If purchasing online buy a couple of sizes and double check the returns policy!

And there you have it… the story of how I found the most perfect dress for the perfect day.

My Wedding Dress Story Wedding Planning a bloggers beauty

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