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Dress Those Winter Blues Away!

Well folks, it’s happened. Winter is well and truly here. It’s the time of frost encrusted windows, chilly, slate-grey skies and those ubiquitous multi coloured cups streaming out of those franchised coffee outlets. As we walk, we leave trails of cloud behind us like Thomas the Tank Engine as we negotiate slippery, sparsely salted streets and navigate the thronging masses on the high street to do those last remnants of Christmas shopping.

Dress Those Winter Blues Away! a bloggers beauty

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What? You haven’t started yet?

No judgement here, but you might want to get on that!

Anyway, it’s around this time of year that those winter blues set in. That old chestnut that they call Seasonal Affective Disorder. It can make us feel sad, dour and depressed. It can make us feel sluggish and lethargic, plagued by brain fog at work and at home. It can make us feel as though the colour in life has been muted and prevent us from enjoying the activities that we normally love. While we all know about the benefits of regular exercise, eating healthily and getting as much sunlight as possible to keep SAD at bay, we can also dress those winter blues away, allowing us to feel perkier in our social lives and more productive at work.

The power of colour

Seriously, the colours we see every day can actually have a profound effect on our mood, which is why you should rotate your soft furnishings, cushion covers, throws etc. with the seasons so that you always see the right colours for the mood you need.

It’s curious that in the winter months, so many of us turn to muted colours in our attire like greys, blacks, browns and dark greens. Surely, it can’t elevate our mood when we see a wall of drab colours everywhere we go. It’s time to be the change that you want to see in the world. Throw those wardrobe doors wide open and dress those winter blues away.

Your jewellery

Even if your dress code at work prohibits bright and vibrant colours, you can still sneak them in through your jewellery. Nature has given us so many glorious brightly coloured gems which jewellers have been clever enough to encase in parkling metals for our delectation… Why not get the mood boosting benefits from them that we deserve? Brighten up your office with a little Opals Australiasparkle. You might just find that more people smile at you when you go to work.

Your winter coat

When you wrap up warm, you can still bring brightness and cheer to all of those around you with the right winter coat. Choose a bold red and you’ll always turn heads, while a festive green or a sunny yellow will also help to boost the moods of those around you.

Your work wear

The winter can be harsh on our working environment, especially when everyone around you is dressed in black, grey or navy blue. If your dress code will allow it, bring some colour into your working wardrobe. A light blue, for example can help to create a cheerful calming working atmosphere while orange is the colour of stimulation and enthusiasm and less aggressive and confrontational than passionate red. This article has some interesting insights into how the colours you wear affect your working environment.

If you feel the winter blues this year, you may find that the best way to beat them is to work from the outside in!

Dress Those Winter Blues Away! a bloggers beauty

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