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When a Photo has you wishing for more

waterproof camera a bloggers beauty

When I did my A-level photography one thing I wish I had done more of was under water photography. Unfortunately, living in England, the water is so murky it makes it pretty hard to get any shots at all.

I have been looking at a brand new waterproof camera, the Panasonic Lumix Tough Camera DC-FT7 and it’s got me digging out the old photos from the archives and wondering how I used to take photo’s with a compact camera. It reminded me that a DSLR isn’t always the best for all situations.

I’m an absolute sucker for the old photo’s and It seems the my old Flickr accounts from bloody way back are still live. Shockingly! I would have thought that sort of thing would have been shut down by now thanks to the likes of Instagram and other media outlets.

That photo was taken in the summer before I started my A-levels. It was a very exciting summer for me and one I have very fond memories of. I remember getting my first proper compact camera and heading down to the beach taking photos of everything. Most turned out awfully except this one and I have kept it ever since.

oh how I long to be 16 again without a care in the world!

But then I guess I wouldn’t have my beautifully girly and be spending days in beautiful spas…

Waterproof camera a bloggers beauty

The photo above was from the other weekend when we went to a beautiful spa in Sheldwich in Kent. When adults go on spa days they literally mean it as a way of getting away from their kids. Lol. But seriously.
Anyway, ‘apparently’ my iPhone 7 is waterproof, so I decided to take a load of photo’s underwater. I couldn’t even get the shutter to work. Not impressed. But with this Panasonic you can go up to 31m deep and its 20.4 megapixels. The quality looks absolutely incredible and I am desperate to get my hands on it.

It also boasts a very strong 4k video setting too. I currently have a Panasonic G7 and it is my baby. My beautiful baby. I take it every where with a selection of lenses and have done for a good few years now.

For me Panasonic was never at the forefront of the market when it came to Cameras. Back in the day I loved my trusty Nikon D60. Then I was introduced to a few others before stumbling across my G7 and I was hooked. 

The Panasonic Waterproof camera offers a 4.6 x Zoom lens with a 28mm wide angle to 128mm. 
The spec seems very impressive for such a small compact camera.

So lastly lets talk about the cost. £399. I feel the cost is a true reflection of the quality and care offered in a very dynamic camera. The settings on my G7 are super easy to use so I can’t imagine this one would be that much different.

I think this one is jumping its way onto my Christmas List!


Waterproof camera Abloggersbeauty

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