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Slendertone Abs 8 | Losing those last few inches

Y’all been watching me moan (read joyfully experience) about my weight loss journey. Well since October things have really come to a halt. I’ll be totally honest with you it is completely my fault.

I have been super busy with work and the Nationals and it’s been work events galore where you’re kind of expected to eat and drink. I’m not moaning about that bit… but my waist line is.
And actually so are my social media stats. I have seriously neglected them the past 6 weeks and it definetely shows.

Less of the moaning though, I’ve started to get back on it and trying really really hard.

Slendertone Abs 8 Losing those last few inches a bloggers beauty

If you read my previous blog posts you’ll know that I went back to work at 6 weeks post baby but as of November 1st I am now back on my 5 days a week so time for the gym has gone out the window. Is that an excuse? Slightly. But it is being realistic. I am up between 6 and 7 with Evelyn every morning and after work I have to collect her from who ever has her and then it’s hope for a bit of mummy daughter time then dinner, bath and bed. Then it’s dinner and clear up for me and then it’s 9pm before you know it.

So being realistic – no I do not have time. I know some people will say ‘well if you really wanted to lose the weight you’d find time’ and yes I can imagine I probably would but time with my daughter is more important.

My waist line is not the priority, she is.

However, that being said I am trying to slide things in when I can, you know like the odd 10 squats whilst the kettle boils or the sweetener instead of sugar in my tea. I am trying … all be it what I can.

This is why when I was asked to give the Slendertone Abs 8 a try I was more than happy to.

It is something I can do whilst making dinner or clearing up or doing the dishes.

I want to say straight away that I know it is not going to make me lose weight. They are designed to strengthen core muscles. Firstly, I need this ALOT. Carrying Evelyn in her Baby Bjorn Carrier takes its toll. However, a little bit of extra help to get those abs prepped and ready is good too.

You’re never going to get a 6 pack by just using a Slendertone…. lets make that very clear. Cardio and healthy eating is essential for that. So from November 1st… no I lie it was November 5th it is back to the extremely healthy eating. I haven’t eaten horrifically anyway but those Tuesday night bake off cake pig outs have got to stop.

Initially you need to use Slendertone for 30minutes, 5 times a week for 4-6 weeks. Apparently users have reported a 3.5cm waistline reduction in 8 weeks.

Slendertone Abs 8 Losing those last few inches a bloggers beauty

It says on the box ‘100% of users reported firmer, more toned abs from 6 weeks (with significant results from 4 weeks).’ So I am putting this to the test. First sessions was on 4th November. Waistline was 33 inches/ 83.82cm. That’s measuring around my belly button. So on 25th November I will remeasur my waist. That means it’ll be directly 3 weeks after the initial measurements. I know they say 4-6 weeks but Christmas is coming up so chocolate for breakfast will be happening.

Ok so the Slendertone Abs 8 is a belt that effectively uses electrical muscle stimulation technology to emit signals directly from the belt to your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract, work and relax.

According to their website, ‘As well as the rectus abdominis and internal and external obliques, Slendertone also works the deep and difficult to activate transversus abdominis (Coughlan, 2008).This muscle is the most effective at flattening the stomach and is extremely tricky to tone with conventional exercise and abs workouts.’

There are 3 gel pads on the inner side of the belt that attach the belt to your skin. but you gotta remember to stick the sticker guards back on them after use otherwise they’ll just clog up with crap and never stick to anything.

The box comes with a set of pads and you’re advised to replace the pads every 20-30 sessions which is a little ridiculous if you are using it daily or the recommended 5 days a week. So it’s basically replacement after a month. The pads are £11.99 for a set which will last you the 20-30 days but if you buy a year you’ll get it for £89- a little steep. I am writing this after just a few uses so towards the end of this blog post ill update with my measurements after 4 weeks and the state of the first set of pads.

Maybe in the box there could be at least 1 extra set so you have your initial use right now set and 1 spare…. I think it would encourage people to use it for longer too.

So going back to the belt itself.

There are different programs on the belt depending how long you want to use it for. Basically I have mine on program 3 which is 30minutes. However there are 10 programs to choose from. There are ‘7 Passive Programmes (while reading, working on your computer, watching TV, walking, cooking, helping with your kids homework…): 1. Initiation, 2. Beginner, 3. Intermediate, 4. Advanced, 5. Expert, 6. Pro Toning, 7. Ab Power. 3 Active Programmes (while doing a physical activity: 8. Endurance (with a moderate cardio activity such as active walking, jogging or using a stepper or exercise bike), 9. Beginner Crunch & 10. Advanced Crunch (to maximize your Ab Crunch training).’

You can choose how strong the electrical stimulations are. It starts from 0 and goes up to 100 – 100 being the strongest. The first couple of times I have had it on around 70 and it takes your breath away but I’ll probably be able to up it the more I use it.

It is totally rechargeable in 3 hours and also has a fancy beep when it is done, guna be honest… did make me smile when I first heard this… it’s the little things ay.

Apparently, having read the clinical trials summary, it’s like reading T&C’s ya know (yawn), 54% of users felt that their posture had improved from 4 weeks of toning. So that’s good too as I slump like you wouldn’t believe.

So here’s to the next few weeks and a toned, straighter me!


So no it is not the 25th November… Ill be honest I struggled to do it everyday. However from then I managed to pack it in well. So my measurement on 23rd December was a 31 inch waist, I lost 2 inches! YAY!

I can imagine after longer use I can definitely shed a few more. Come January I know I can stick to it and exercise more for sure.

So did I take it above 70… yes, slightly. I took it to 80 and it felt so intense. For an amateur I don’t think I could handle level 100 but for those with a tighter pack I think it would be much easier.
The intensity settings are so varied and I love that there are so many to choose from to really give to ultimate results.

I touched earlier on the pad wear. So having used it for a little longer than the recommended time I would say they are time for a change but I think you can get around 2 weeks more out of them compared to the recommended replacement time scale. However, they do need to change and I do stand by the price of the pads being a little high.

Ultimately, would I recommend it? Yes, I would. BUT you need to be prepared to religiously use it, exercise and eat well. It is effectively a helping crutch not a total aid. With that in mind I will be using this for the feasible and would recommend it to anyway want to start the new year with a ‘new year new me’ perspective.

The cost of the belt is £139.99 and I think will prove to be a real investment! Buy it here.


Slendertone Abs 8 Losing those last few inches a bloggers beauty

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