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2018| What a Bloody Year!

2018 What a Bloody Year a bloggers beauty

As 2019 starts I have found myself assessing how much life has changed in the past 12 months. 2018 has been a very dramatic year in the Ritson household and quite frankly I am super glad to see the back of it.

For me, 2018 started heavily pregnant with a tonne of aches and pains but swimming on the high of a new gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring on my finger. I was a whirlwind of mixed emotion yet emotionally so ready for the year ahead.

Evelyn arrived on her due date of 19th Feb and life kind of began for me. It was like my role had begun and I knew how to live it.

6 weeks later Evelyn was rushed to hospital under a blue light and sirens and we spent 4 days in a nervous, unslept, anxious state wondering if she was going to be ok. Thanks to the wonderful nurses she was ok short-term and long-term with no lasting damage at all and suddenly our world was right again.

2018 What a Bloody Year a bloggers beauty

Along came April and along with it April showers… but not the outside kind. The kind that brings water through your ceiling and ruins everything. Thank god we have insurance. After what felt like forever we had an entire new en-suite come July.

July was super stressful. July is birthdays galore in my family and by that I mean there are 12 people in my immediate family including myself that have birthdays in July. We also were planning our wedding which brought us extremely swiftly into August.

4th August my gorgeous beautiful nephew was born and my sister and (soon to be) brother-in-law made the most wonderful parents that little boy could have asked for.

2018 What a Bloody Year a bloggers beauty

Somehow and quite miraculously after a not so pleasant labour they STILL attended my wedding!!

August 6th, we were married and had the most wonderful day filled with close family and friends in the basque of 30c.

2018 What a Bloody Year a bloggers beauty

August bought such great joy but such gloom. The ceiling began leaking again. The plumbers came back and tore it to shreds trying to find the leak it turns out quite coincidentally pipe erosion directly under our brand new shower was the cause. So we had to have that all redone plus the ceiling torn down in the downstairs hall and it all repaired.

You may not think this is all to stressful but on top of having a new-born and being back at work 3 days a week I promise you I have no idea how I kept my shit together.

September arrived and along with it my car decided it was time for its turn in the chaos and slapped me with an £1000 bill which took many a bottle of Gin to get over.

Hello to the October we thought would be better… but of course I forgot… it is our busiest month at work. October see’s late nights and early mornings throughout the month and with it an extremely over tired mummy.

Mid October Phil calls me having been in a car accident where the other car freakin’ drove off! I can’t even begin to vent on this story because it would go on forever.

So that lead us in to November… what could possibly go wrong now right? WRONG! Dun dun dun…. Boycie (the cat) decides he is going to go off exploring one night and come back with a broken leg!! IN.SERT.ANGRY.FACE!

Yep… no lie…. this means X-rays…Sedation’s and weekly visits for cast changes. But because my cat is so dumb he wriggles out of his cast or eats it which meant additional trips to the vet and another insurance claim. The family always mocked me for having cat insurance but who’s laughing now…. was guna say me but these days Im slowly crying into the remnants of mulled wine! After 3 weeks Boyc was getting so pissed off with it he managed to have the cast off 3 times in 24 hours. Now you can’t sedate a cat more than twice in that period so from then on he was crate bound until healed.

I’m not sure who this pissed off more, me or him. Imagine being in a room solidly for 3 weeks with a toilet, food and water, you’d go balmy. Poor boy… poor bank account.

That brings us to the 12th month of the year from hell… December. Now if you have been reading my Weaning stories you’ll know it hasn’t been plain sailing with Evelyn. At the beginning of the month we had Evelyn’s 9-12 month review. She is now being referred to a speech and language therapist to see if there is an issue with her swallowing or a tongue tie. She is also getting refereed to a Physiotherapist for her knees and hips as they are not sure why she is locking her legs when she stands. All of these are just precautionary but still they sit on your mind.
You want the best for your children no matter what but by god they worry you from the moment they are born.

2018 What a Bloody Year a bloggers beauty

2018 What a Bloody Year a bloggers beauty

So as the year ends we are sitting here, Phil with a chest infection, Evelyn with a severe upset stomach, Thomas’ skin pretty bad although a million times better than when he came to us and now me… shivering my arse off not sure if Golum is trying to evacuate my stomach or a T-rex.

Not exactly how I wanted to start 2019 but I guess it could be worse.

2019… please be better.2018 What a Bloody Year a bloggers beauty


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