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Why I am done with New Year Resolutions

Every year hundreds of thousands of people spend between Christmas and New year making lists and making promises for 2019.

Millions of people invest in gym memberships, diet regimes and weight loss goals.

Why I am done with New Year Resolutions a bloggers beauty

This year I have decided to not do any resolutions. I do not promise to lose weight. I do not promise to be a better person. I do not promise to do this that and the other.

However, there are certain things I want to get done, whether you want to class that as a resolution that is up to you but if you do not set that bar you do not fail.

Some people have said that seems a little unmotivated and just a ‘losers talk’ but that is not it at all.

If I get them done this year then great but if not then no biggie.

Here are some of the things I need to work on;

– Losing the rest of the baby weight. I haven’t got much left and if it doesn’t happen then it doesn’t happen. I am not joining a gym, I am not dieting. However, I am eating better foods and if weight loss happens with that then great. As we are planning on a second child (hopefully) in the next 2 years or so… what’s the point. Ill worry about that later. I couldn’t care less if I look shit in a bikini.

– You may have been following my attempt at a vegan lifestyle and to be honest it went out the window at xmas. That being said we are hoping to change over to a more Mediterranean style diet once all the crap from the fridge has gone.

That means more grains and rices and lots more veg and fruit. Maybe a little fish but primarily oils and natural ingredients. I still strongly stick by the disgustingness of what happens to animals during the farm to supermaket process and not only that all the crap that gets filtered into the meat. Now that’s not all conspiracy it is FACT! Do your homework before you criticise!

– Keeping a tab on my mental health. It hasn’t been great the past few months for various reasons and I am not one to pop a few pills to make it alright. After a small argument with my doctor I have had a blood test and am awaiting those results and have got an ultrasound booked in too. So that will help with hormone analysis.

Also switching the diet up a little will help with that too. A Mediterranean diet is renowned for doing wonders with mental health.

– Take more vitamins. Now I know I have just said I am not one to take pills but I feel this is different. I want to try and start taking a daily Chondroitin which will help with joints and also a daily Echinacea to help a better immune system and fatigue.

I hope not to do this daily all year I just want to try it for a couple of months to get my insides into a good physical state.

– Blog more consistently. I try and try to write as much as I can but I really need to make it more consistent. I may do every other day for 3 weeks then do nothing for 2 weeks. Life just gets so busy.

Like I have said these are not things I want to do this year and tick them off as I go they are just things I want to do at some point.

What are you 2019 goals?

Why I am done with New Year Resolutions a bloggers beauty

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