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Evelyn’s First Christmas | Raising Evelyn

I’d been looking forward to Evelyn’s first Christmas for so long. Her cousin was born 6 months after her so to have the two of them together on the 25th was going to be so extra special.

Christmas is a mix of rushing round to see all the families. It seems that we have Thomas for Christmas Day one year and Boxing Day the next. So this year, as it was our turn for Boxing Day, we spent the 25th with my family.

I love Christmas so incredibly much. It is my most favourite time of year. The build up, the music, the lights… I love it all. I am one of those people that much more enjoys giving than receiving. The look on peoples face when they open a gift just gets me every time. The smiles, the beaming cheeks and thankful eyes…. worth it every time.

Evelyn is obviously too young to understand it all this year but hopefully by 2019 she may understand the excitement just a little.

Evelyn's First Christmas Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

So this year we packed everything off to my sisters in Hythe, and spent the day with all our family eating and laughing and enjoying ourselves. Bex was unfortunately quite ill so her fiancé and I cooked for the 14 of us and it was a real muck in to get it all ready but so worth it.

Considering how overwhelming it can be for children and considering there was so many of ours both children behaved amazingly well.

Evelyn's First Christmas Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

Evelyn's First Christmas Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

Evelyn's First Christmas Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

Boxing Day saw us head over to the in-laws with Tommy where we feasted on a buffet and opened presents and played lots of games and of course watched the football. An equally as enjoyable day.

And just like that the months of planning and hours of wrapping …is over… in just 48 hours. It always leaves me with a really weird feeling in my belly. Does anyone else get that? It’s like the last day of a holiday somewhere. You still are very happy and excited but you can still feel the impending sadness of it all to be over.

Having 2 weeks off around this time has been amazing for Evelyn.

She’s learnt to crawl… finally… she stood unaided for the first time for a good 10 seconds, she learnt to sit up from laying down (which was a mega shock to be honest and very unexpected), she pulled herself up for the first time from sitting, you learnt to wave good bye and also now dances when asked.

In just those 14 days she made a huge leap, metaphorically lol.

One other step she has made is upping her food in take. As you have probably read the weaning stories I won’t bore you with the details but it is dramatically better. She is still super struggling with lumps though so we are really trying to hurry along her Speech and Language Therapy appointment. I would say she is probably about 2-3 months behind with her food. She really struggles with lumpier foods poor thing but she will get there.
The time we have been spending with her is clearly helping and chunks of food are definitely getting bigger so that’s the main thing.

It won’t be long and hopefully she will enjoy Christmas dinner as much as her mum does.

As far as Christmas’ go this one was super special and it excites me for 2019 Christmas already!

Hope you lovely lot had a good Christmas too. Happy 2019!

Evelyn's First Christmas Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

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