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Taking January one Sniph at a Time

January has to be the longest month of the year.
Everyone is coming down from their Christmas and New Year’s high and everyone is skint, tired and longing for their next holiday. Did you know that the first Saturday of January has been dubbed ‘Sunshine Saturday’ as people up and down the country book their years holidays.

Going to be honest, we fell into this pit. Nursing a steaming cold I hit the ‘Pay for flights’ button on the Easyjet website and booked our first full family holiday for September. Totally cannot really afford it right now, totally do not care. Sometimes you just need that little lift… meh the flights were cheap so…

Every year I vow, in January, to put back the spending or find alternatives to things that are the same quality but cheaper. For example Im in the process of chopping in my iPhone 7 Plus for a Google Pixel 3 XL… cheaper contract for a better phone (in my opinion).

Another way of saving money I have found is stopping the purchase of expensive perfumes that sit there, in half filled bottles, for years at time.

Taking January one Sniph at a Time a bloggers beauty

I currently have approximately 10,003 bottles of half used perfumes scattered around the house.

This is where Sniph comes in handy.

Sniph is a perfume subscription service that offer 4 different perfume options for women and two for men.

Every month you’ll get a small bottles of brand name perfumes to be used in a cute smart case from as little as £9 a month, without commitments. Each dispenser lasts around 30 days (depending on subscription).

So all you need to do is choose an option, whether that be perfumes that are Trending Now, Female Classics, Clean or Avant.

For example the Trending now option offers you the latest trends from the perfume world. It could be a perfume house you just have to experience, a new perfume launch or simply the hyped fragrance note at the moment.

I love this as it is an easy way to try a really nice perfume that maybe you wouldn’t normally buy for a fraction of the price. They are also now offering a really cute Valentines box too, so an easy gift for that special someone in your life. HINT HINT PHIL! Lol jokes he always treats me well.

I think personally the option to try new perfumes each month is brilliant. For me, a lot of the time when I spray on a new perfume it almost dictates how I am going to feel for the next hour or so. Weird I know but if I have a really floral scent I have a little bounce in my step or for example my old faithful Chanel Chance makes me feel a bit sultry or the new Chloe perfume makes me feel kinda flirty. It’s weird. Next time you spray a new perfume, see how it makes you feel.

I don’t need more perfume but then who ever really NEEDS anything. For the price I think it is a really inexpensive way to try new ones out depending on your taste.

If you wona give it a try head over to their website now.

Taking January one Sniph at a Time a bloggers beauty

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